A Psychologist By Profession: She Is The Embodiment Of Dedication In Her Field

Born in 1985, Mrs Anita Jyothi is now a mother & wife, handling work alongside her family. Originally from Andhra Pradesh, Mrs Jyothi can speak several languages.

She is a psychologist by profession and a good one by her reputation. She claims to be extremely passionate about her job and guessing by her reputation, it’s quite the obvious thing.

Currently, a business owner. This 35 years old female owns a counselling centre, named: Mind Care Counseling Center. In June 2018, her business took off. By engaging with schools based on her psychological knowledge, she gradually gained trust and assurance from her clients.

She seemed to have a fair interest in psychology and for some individual reason, she chose to be in this profession. She is kind of a challenging personality who doesn’t flinch at problems thrown at her. The government projects for instance have sharpened her skills more than ever is what she believes.

What makes her different?

There are women in modern times who are not afraid to juggle both personal and professional life simultaneously, and Mrs Jyothi is one of them.

It is not needed to be explained in the Indian society that a woman’s job in her professional career becomes hectic after marriage. She was no exception either.

Apart from this, she is a learner. Even after being a professional, she chooses to learn new skills every day and that makes her unique and stand apart in a crowd. Therefore, she wants other people to stay focused on their goals and have dedication throughout.

Her story isn’t heroic in terms of the fantasies you have expected, rather her story is ordinary and unique. Women like her are the heroes of our society and we hope that this shoutout to Mrs Jyothi will bring some of you to hope to chase your dream and be it.

This incredible woman is already an honour to have among her clients and young girls but with her endearing works, she has won several awards. She won the City President of Andhra Pradesh Counselling Psychology Association. Won awards for her contribution to Covid Care Center based in Government sectors and for her generous contribution to Mahila Station.

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