From Event Manager To Internet Service Provider In And Around Madurai, The Journey Of Mr.Priyan Has Reached His Desired Destination

Where would our society be without the internet? Internet is a beacon of hope through which knowledge is produced, the internet is that link that connects people who have lost touch, the internet is that medium through which development is possible. Understanding the importance of what the internet is, Mr. R.Shanmuga Priyan, started his own business in internet providing services.

Through hardship and trials and errors, he has reached a place where he can say proudly that he has become a beacon of hope for society. Playing constantly hard to reach the space where everyone around him seeks as a role model, Mr. Priyan developed a business that was set to succeed.

After completing his degree in Film making and TV production at Subbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of Science, Madurai, he continued to proceed with the PG degree in M.Sc Viacom from the same college. His studiousness and a keen mind to establish his enterprise landed him with quite a several good opportunities which got him to where he is now.

From an event manager in the early days to formulating a scheme called PMYGP to the final development that would lead him to success, the task of an ISP was taken as an essence for his enterprise.

The essence of his enterprise:

Starting his business as early as in the school days, Mr. Priyan entered into the realm of business by starting his day as a PA system and event manager. After done with this in the school, he approached the District Industry Centre to provide him with a loan so that his scheme, PMYGP, can be funded.

After getting the monetary help from the syndicate bank, he sought his college’s “Entrepreneur development cell” has guidance. He started executing his plan through their help. However, he turned his route and started to initiate his business as an internet provided in his PG days

“At the time of PG, I decided to start up an Internet service business of my own.”

His passion to get ahead in the game was ignited by the scheme launched by the state government. The initiation, called, “Digital India” wanted to establish a space where the internet will be provided. The initiation of FTTH helped him to get the nudge he needed to start his business as an Internet Service Provider in rural areas in and around Madurai.

Strong will helped him get ahead:

With his will set on establishing his business as Private Limited, adhering to the Companies Act 2013, Mr. Priyan got the trademark for his unique identification. From there, his enterprise got to be known as “MRKR Communications” and it still going strong.

“On 22nd August of 2016, under the Companies Act 2013, I got the GST, PAN Number, Trademark for unique identification for my company thus, the “MRKR Communications” has been started”.

With the help of the DIC to gather important information about the NEEDS and the MUDRA YOJANA, and accumulating that knowledge with the course on entrepreneurship development furnished by MSME, he understood what he needed to do to make his enterprise run its course smoothly.

His encouragement:

His mindset was his encouragement that kept him going. The most important aspect that made him where he is today despite facing hurdles is one sentence.

“I want to Grow, I must Grow, I Will Grow.”

It enabled him to venture where very few reach. It helped him to achieve what many only dream of.

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