A Successful Photographer Worldwide, She Is The Best India Has

Meet Smarita Vinnakota, owner of Smarita Vinnakota Photography, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. A 31-year-old successful woman in the industry who started her career at 25. She was born and brought up in Hyderabad, did her master’s (Industrial Product Design) in the UK, and moved to the States in 2013 right after her marriage.

She began her photography journey in May 2014 and had been following her dreams ever since. Photographing babies is truly her passion and never feels like “Work,” according to her. After six wonderful years working with amazing clients and hundreds of babies in the USA, she decided to head back home to Hyderabad after multiple propositions from clients and the response here.

She had a chance to photograph a number of celebrity babies, including Tollywood Star Vishnu Manchu’s daughters, Producer Ashwini Dutt’s Grand Granddaughter, Producer ‘Dil’ Raju’s Granddaughter, and Actor Chiranjeevi’s Granddaughter.

She has been professionally trained in newborn safety and posing by some of the leading experts in the industry, and also got an approved newborn photographer by The International Newborn Photographers Association. She is a proud member of The Beauty And Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.

Encouragement Behind Business

In her words, she has always been a very creative person. However, Photography happened by chance, but she immediately knew it was the right path for her. Her love for babies is what made her a Niche in this field. “I know how fleeting the first year in a baby’s life is, and my hope is to freeze this time for my parents, so they have them recorded forever!” She said.

Hence, she aspires to create stunning photography sessions uniquely designed for each client and providing them with an exceptional experience.

Although her journey sounds easy and simple, she had to find the right balance between being a mom and a business owner.  As her business and family grew, it was harder to find a good balance between her full-time career, sessions, and actually sleeping at night. She has learned to set boundaries for her business and sped up her client workflow and editing by expanding the team.

find your style and make goals for yourself.” – Smarita Vinnakota.

What Makes Her The Best

Her work simply speaks for her talent. Still, she believes that she’s a boutique studio, and it’s all about the client experience for her. Right from the session planning to the prop selection, shoot, and the final reveal, she aims to make the whole photo session a very unique and memorable experience for the client.

She took the opportunity for the best. Those days are gone, when new mothers followed the traditional Indian confinement method of staying indoors for 21- 40 days’ post-delivery and not photographing their baby till they are at least a couple of months old. Newborn Photography is now a growing trend due to social media becoming more and more popular with each passing day!

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