Inspired By The Determination Of His Family Member, See How A Man Changes The Education System

Education is that immunity that not only has the mind of the younger generation but has the ability to weaponize them. It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but those who belong to a third world country where more than half the people reside below the poverty line, providing education to their children may seem like a luxury.

Education is necessary, and very few understand the importance of imparting and adhering knowledge. A.L.Shobaa was one of the very few who understood the importance of spreading education to those who were in need.

Because only by spreading information and knowledge one can bring about the change charged with a sharp mind. Passionate about changing the lives around himself, she collaborated with her mother and created Anugraha Mandhir CBSE Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE, focusing more on providing quality education to the next generation.

How does Anugraha Mandhir CBSE School impact the society?

The borrowed passion from her mother and grandfather’s side, A L Shobaa, continued to bring her dream of furnishing the education sector with her creative idea and qualitative production of high-class educational methods to those who are in need. With the capability to impart knowledge to up to 800 students, the students are given education in a holistic approach.

Their main objective is to furnish proficiency among those who have the talent but are stopped midway due to roadblocks. They have taken the challenges as their student ratio consists of 70% of those belonging from the rural area and 30% urban. It promotes a sense of equality where each mind is nurtured with equity.

“We provide academic excellence to ALL students irrespective of their socio-economic background. We provide holistic education from Pre-KG to Grade XII, building character while nurturing intelligence. We focus on morals, academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities equally.

With their psyche set on the ideals of helping education reach in each corner of India. The introduction of the concept of providing a scholarship to the underprivileged students extends the establishment of their goal. With a stress-free and vibrant atmosphere of the educational institute, the system where each child can get the education they deserve can become true.

The inspiration behind the creation:

The story behind the inspiration that prompted A L Shobaa to make her own personal school owes their origination to her mother and grandfather’s hard work. Both the educationists indulged in the welfare of society, and they chose education as the medium. The repertoire inspired Mrs. Shobaa to help her construct her own school.

“A meaningful business with maximum impact on lives, service to mankind.”

Piece of advice to young minds:

Being a victim of sexism in her profession, A L Shobaa, aged 55, has seen so many ups and downs before coming to recognize her full potential. Her ardent research on the career prospect he chose and the undying wish to help the society flourish educatively turned him into a successful entrepreneur. With her experience and knowledge functioning as a torch, she concurs.

“We bring nothing when we come. We take nothing when we go. So live the moment, be happy, and make people around you happy.”

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