A Turnover Of 2CR Within Two Years: His Success In His Entrepreneurship Is Remarkable

Sasi Kanth, the owner of Cocofit India, Kukatpally, is a trainer, motivational speaker, and a senior business consultant. His love of cooking and coconuts pushed him to the position that he belongs, and good support from friends.

On Aug 22, 2019, Cocofit India was launched. His business now exists in 3 states. The COCOFIT Mission is to deliver the best quality and safe product at a reasonable price for all the end customers without any added preservatives & he is quite good at what he does.

What Is Cocofit?

Well, the name itself suggests it: “When coconut meets fitness, Cocofit”. In today’s lifestyle, millennials are slowly getting into fitness and being healthy. Thus, he wanted to find a place where people could hang out and grab healthy drinks/ice creams yet have fun.

Cocofit is the first of its kind; it is the first store/cafe based company to sell coconut blended juices/ice creams where they prepare the order right in front of the customer using fresh coconut water unlike other cocoa-based companies selling packaged products. He thinks that is what makes his company unique from other coconut-based companies. 

The Idea & Everything In-between

In today’s lifestyle, whenever we talk about beverages the first thing that comes to our mind is aerated drinks. Hence, unknowingly most people are addicted to such drinks even after knowing its harmful. He wanted people to slowly shift from aerated drinks to healthy drinks (coconut water) which are much tastier and healthier. 

Mr. Kanth is a successful entrepreneur but he knows it is not an easy job;

“It’s not a miracle that just happens as soon as you have an idea. What I learned from it is, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle unlike 9-5 jobs, and we do not have fixed working hours.”

For such a job, there has to be dedication and passion about it. There are no defined boundaries as work/home, it’s the passion that drives it. Only then, an entrepreneur becomes as successful as Mr. Sasi Kanth.

According to him, as he started very recently, he learned from experience that everyone should step out of their comfort zone and take that risk and kick it off. He thinks every entrepreneur should possess certain traits like considering challenges as opportunities,  competitors as strengths, and also one should understand making mistakes is healthy. As an entrepreneur, you will be encountering many challenges, and if you react in a negative way that will only hinder your progress.

“One should understand that your idea cannot be an overnight success; it involves a lot of time, patience, and endless effort.”

Mr. Kanth won two awards in recent times, which include, the Indian achievers award’2020 and the top 100 franchise brand in the country award. Although it is just the beginning, we want to wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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