An Ambitious and Ardent Educationist

Richa P. Shah- Principal, R.S. Jhunjhunwala International School, Vapi (Gujarat)

Richa P. Shah- Principal, R.S. Jhunjhunwala International School, Vapi (Gujarat)

Hardworking, dedicated, committed team leader and a success story in more ways than one – ‘Richa P. Shah’, Principal of ‘R.S. Jhunjhunwala International School’, is an idol for many. Bachelor’s in Education from ‘SNDT University, Mumbai’, Richa also holds numerous diplomas and Master’s degree in Literature and Management. An immensely devoted Educator, Richa who is currently pursuing her Doctoral study in management on the subject “Corporate Social Responsibility”, also takes extensive interest in extension activities of the school for the advancement of students.

Owing to her 3 years of exclusive industrial experience and an extensive 5 years of experience in graduate level teaching with vast academic exposure, she is a tremendous source of inspiration for students. An active member of ‘Lions Club international’- Richa Shah is extremely inquisitive and strives hard to ensure quality learning of students, which makes her hold a remarkable presence in the lives of students as well.
An ardent researcher- Richa aces in the field of research through her remarkable contribution in the area of education, financial management, and social responsibility; by being an author to more than 10 research papers published in various national and international journals. A marvelous scholar and an extraordinary Educationist- Richa has also authored books on management subjects. Awarded with the title of an ‘Inspirational Principal of the year’ by the ‘Ambassador of Argentina Republic’ in the ‘International Conference on Innovation driven Education’ cum ‘International Education Icon Awards 2019’, Richa has also attended several faculty development programs, workshops and conferences of national as well as international repute.
Grasping inspiration from her parents, her trustees, the Campus Director of her previous institute- ‘Mr. George Thomas’ and several acquaintances; she always attempts with the best of her efforts to apply every positive and inspiring behavior learned from the surrounded people which catalyzes her growth and takes her a stop closer to her goal. She immensely believes, “Even small things can be your inspiration if you can see the good in everything and be positive and happy”.

Reflecting about the toughest challenges in her life, she says “Living up to the expectations which I set for myself are my challenges which I cherish the most. I aim at high goals but never get disheartened if some things don’t work out the way I intend them to. I don’t believe in looking back and have always managed to find the best ways to get the desired results. It’s a never-ending battle for me to aim at the next goals after achieving the first ones. Sharing more about her challenges, she claims that the drastic transformation of her career from an Assistant Professor to the founder Head of ‘R.S. Jhunjhunwala International School’ would remain the toughest decisions of her life and an intensely struggling shift of her career.

Hard work, dedication and excellence in commitment highlights the unique traits of Richa, who is never afraid of failures and strongly follows the belief that failures are an inevitable & enduring phase of that rectifying & experimental process that takes you the journey of success and makes an incredible difference in your life.

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