An Educator who Reconstructed The Way Finance Is Taught

Mr. Ajit Singh- Founder & Director, Indian Academy

Meet Mr. Ajit Singh, the renowned and diligent entrepreneur, who has taken the education industry by storm. He is the founder and director of Surat, Gujarat – based most trusted and successful educational institution – ‘Indian Academy’. His top-notch educational institution- ‘Indian Academy’ resonates to perfection & excellence for the bright future of students by imparting education beyond expectations owing to his 16 years of expertise in the field of education and finance.
Ajit reflects, “As human capital is vital for every economy, so is the understanding of its formation. We incepted Indian Academy with a vision to deliver the best in-class education to students through our well qualified professionals. We are committed to sharpen the young minds and prepare them to face the challenges of today’s globalized economy”.
“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”, quotes Ajit, who acclaims that their students are their foremost inspiration, the sparkling faces of whom after understanding the concepts, make them delighted. Focusing on ‘Why’ & ‘How’, than on ‘What’, with a vision to redefine the possibilities in public education, and building an exceptional institution which proves that children from all backgrounds can succeed in life, the ‘Indian Academy’ came into existence.
“Challenges and struggles are part of everyone’s lives. The challenges that we face throughout our lives create the person we are”, says Ajit, who exclaims that in the current system of education, students are victims of stress, anxiety and depression. And he himself aspires to be a mentor for students to keep them away from these situations during their journey of education.
Taking us through his story of incepting the Indian Academy, he reflects risk as something which is inbuilt in humans, and admits if it hadn’t been there, we all couldn’t have come to the lane we exist in today. As Ajit had been working as a manager in MNC, before starting the Academy; leaving a well established job and commencing a new venture full of uncertainties had been the biggest challenge for him. But he recalls, “Interest and attitude for teaching has inspired and guided me to take risks and un-turn the milestone of becoming the only institute whose 15 students have scored 100 out of 100 in Economics in C.B.S.E. exam in 2019”.
Ajit, who shares his concern with the way how concepts are taught in school, finds a huge gap between how it is taught and the way it should actually be done. Diminishing this gap, is what Indian Academy envisions, and he profoundly shares that this is what students always appreciate their methodology and approaches for.
The positive approach towards education of Ajit, has exceptionally aided him to construct a unique team of experienced professionals. He is a successful entrepreneur, who maintains his calm and remains optimistic in difficult times, and describes these two as his traits that remarkably help him achieve his vision and goals.

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