An Architect, a Designer, A STORYTELLER: Here’s What You Can Learn from Ar. Sheikh Mudassir

Ar. Sheikh Mudassir is the Founder & Managing Director of MASCO Infra (, an Architectural & Interior Design company based in Jammu. Ar. Sheikh Mudassir always looked at the architecture process as a puzzle he needed to solve using innovative solutions. That’s when he pursued a Bachelors in Architecture, Advanced Interior Designing, Diploma in Building and construction, and Engineering in Fire and Safety.

Ar. Sheikh Mudassir sees himself as a storyteller. He thinks of clients as people who want him to write their biographies, and he uses colors, fabrics, patterns, furniture, and other elements to write their stories. He believes in the art of balancing, and his designs combine functionality and aesthetics.

“Architecture and Designing with Safety is about making people happy functionally, emotionally, and aesthetically,” says Ar. Sheikh Mudassir.

He founded MASCO Infra in 2015 and believed that as a designer, he is obligated to society to consider sustainability. Ar. Sheikh also believes that architects play a significant role as they select materials, construction methods, and products and are responsible for influencing the reduction in energy consumption by making mindful choices.

He says, “We can assist our clients with the selection of products and finishes that have a low environmental impact and those which are harvested sustainably.”

MASCO Infra specializes in commercial, residential, landscaping, interior architecture, urban design, green building design, and industrial architecture. He also believes that architects are not accountable for solving problems because designs aren’t problems.

His parents are Ar. Sheikh Mudassir’s biggest inspiration and idols. They’ve always believed in him. From making him learn to walk & talk to showing him a way and guiding him through his career, they’ve helped him learn a lot in life.

As an entrepreneur, Ar. Sheikh Mudassir has faced several challenges, including developing a unique vision with strong ideas, raising capital, assembling a team of skilled professionals, finding the best location, overcoming competition, dealing with unforeseen challenges and expenses, and keeping up with the latest trends and dynamic changes, and others. However, he overcame these challenges by accepting that they come along your journey to push you to grow and encourage you to make amends.

Ar. Sheikh Mudassir says that before you start a business, you need to be prepared for any storm that comes your way. You must not fear changing situations and deal with them with an unfazed attitude. He also believes that conducting in-depth market research on your field and the demographics of your potential clientele is a vital part of crafting a business plan.

To be defined as a great entrepreneur, you need to be able to provide your clients with what they’re looking for. You can only appreciate what they want if you listen to them carefully and get into the details of their wants. According to Ar. Sheikh Mudassir, you must listen to your client, get to know them & their personality, and understand how their mind works to create an impressive design.

You need to manage your relationships with your clients carefully and understand what drives their vision. Your ingenuity and design skills will only add value to your project if you give your clients’ vision the utmost importance, says Ar. Sheikh Mudassir.

One thing Ar. Sheikh Mudassir has learned as an architect and would like to pass on to budding entrepreneurs that you should always create a design by imagining the larger context. For example, think about a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, or an environment in a city. Thus, you should pay attention to the concept and aim to design the experience instead of trying to design the page.

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