Ar. Sadiq Basheer: An Inspiration for Budding Architects

Today, we’re here with Ar. Sadiq Basheer‘s success story and how he built his architectural business from the ground up. Ar. Sadiq Basheer owns HomeMake Architects, an architectural business founded in 1986 and based in Muvattupuzha, Kerala. Ar. Sadiq did his graduation from the Oxford School of Architecture, Bangalore, intending to become a successful entrepreneur.

Ar. Sadiq Basheer is grounded in his roots, and he considers his father to be his biggest inspiration. He’s Ar. Sadiq’s mentor and acts as an important guiding figure in his life. Ar. Sadiq is a dedicated entrepreneur and a skilled architect who knows what he’s doing. HomeMake Architects has completed over 2000 projects, and they currently have 14 ongoing commercial and residential projects in various districts of Kerala.

Soon after he finished his schooling, Ar. Sadiq just knew that architecture was his career path. His father showed continuous support and encouraged Sadiq to kick-start his projects. At HomeMake Architects, the team of skilled and dedicated professionals strive to have an impact on people through spaces. Their goal is to help the clients build a connection with their spaces, get inspired by the spaces, and enhance their overall experience.

They don’t have any specializations as they believe in catering to the client’s needs and approaching the project as per their unique requirements. Thus, their approach keeps changing as the individuals come with varied needs.

Additionally, they use a fusion of vernacular and contemporary architecture designs and give nature and the environment the utmost priority. What makes HomeMake Architects stand apart from their competitors is that their spaces are built by keeping the sun and wind in mind. The key is to create a perfect balance between the two.

Ar. Sadiq Basheer boasts of his company’s USP to connect its clients with nature via spaces. Moreover, the aesthetics and functionality of the place are never compromised. Instead, they create budget-friendly spaces that are breathtaking and breathable.

While Ar. Sadiq Basheer believes that one never knows what the future holds; he aims to spread his business across various types of architectural projects like hospitality, commercial, and urban design. He finds inspiration from F.L. Wright’s building forms and Tadao Ando’s design thinking.

In his entrepreneurial journey, Ar. Sadiq Basheer has always been punctual with work and maintained a company-wide system. This has helped him overcome all the challenges that come his way.

Ar. Sadiq Basheer believes that to achieve success in any field; you need to be able to keep up with the trends and create opportunities and possibilities for yourself. Additionally, constant research has helped him throughout. Experiments, patience, and never repeating the same mistake have helped Ar. Sadiq Basheer grow.

Ar. Sadiq Basheer gives sustainability utmost importance and ensures that HomeMake Architects does everything to make sustainability a priority. When it comes to residential clients, he ensures that he communicates with the client to get an understanding of who they are and what they’re looking for. Thus, he believes that communication and reading under the lines is the key to giving clients exactly what they want.

A piece of advice from Ar. Sadiq Basheer to those who’ve just started their journey as architects and interior designers is to learn to unlearn. You shouldn’t stick to your academic influences and keep experimenting in this field. You never know what you’ll discover.


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