An Entrepreneur By Choice: His Vision Made Great Impact On Society

Vinod Sonawane, the entrepreneur who owns Brain Guru Education, is a born businessman. Started his business at 31, this 37 years old man now has a potential business.

He did an MBA in marketing but was never interested in searching or doing a regular job. His vision was to touch unlimited lives with his innovative and unique ideas, observing and analyzing human psychology & thinking about new ideas are his interest areas. Thus,  drove him to be an entrepreneur.

In 2013, the Brain Guru Education was introduced to the world by Mr. Sonawane. Presently, the business is in a position to execute its new and innovative online learning concept after a long-term preparation and R & D.

The business is already and in the future has the potential to be a game-changer in the online education industry and will save thousands of rupees for each parent. The business provides KG to PG online self-learning courses through audio-visual animated contents and it is a vision of him that is going great at the present.

“Be calm always as well as never quit in the middle and pull things to the end”

Everything In Between

Making his dream come true, presently, Edupax has become India’s largest online learning portal with 2000+ KG to PG courses as well as with almost zero learning cost. It’s a blended learning method for all learners. It consists of training, learning, and evaluation in a digital way.

As the largest and cheapest online learning portal every learner from KG to PG is their prospective customer. Anyone can easily pay this small amount to access the largest learning library. Due to cost-effectiveness, Edupax will change the traditional market of the online learning industry very soon.

All this has happened due to the encouragement of starting his business. His entrepreneurial spirit and his vision beyond the horizon has made this possible.

There is a quote by Dhirubhai Ambani that he takes inspiration from. And it goes like that:

Kar Lo Duniya Mutthi Mein !– with this slogan Dhirubhai’s company Reliance entered into the telecom industry with a very big vision. Hence, this tagline had a powerful impact on Vinod Sonawane’s life, his vision, and business strategies.

What The Journey Was Like?

For a new entrepreneur in any country, there is always a struggle. And, Vinod Sonawane was no exception either. He had financial and cash flow management, dealing with unknown and self-doubt, faced criticism, and found quality content. Fortunately, he passed all obstacles with a cool and calm mindset. 

2020, however, was a pretty successful year for him. There are a lot of online learning companies in India, but they are all with huge product prices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he realized that even a single penny will matter in the upcoming 2-3 years due to a huge economical crisis. Hence, decided to throw his product at the cost of 1 Rupee targeting a crowd of customers.

His risk-taking attitude & calm mind has always helped him to become an entrepreneur. His all-around thinking, fearlessness, and perseverance, learning from his previous failures helped him to build his professional career more strongly. Although each entrepreneur will need to have their unique entrepreneurial journey, that will bring him to the desired success, this journey is not an easy journey for anyone.

This great man has gained recognition by winning the OMG National Book of Records, Best Digital Learning Concept – Award by Reseal Research Company.

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