Catering A Unique Proposition Where Maintaining The Luxuriousness Of Pet Is The Main Concern, Mr. Satheesh Makes An Investment That Works Out For Him

Our pets deserve nothing but the best of the world, our pets deserve nothing but the best behaviors for showering us with their love, tenderness. Taking care of them in the name of showing respect for their living being is the only thing pet owners can do.

Knowing how doting a pet owner can be, Mr.Satheesh. C.P opened a proprietary named, Satheesh. C.P Proprietor, which specializes in ‘all-thing pets’. With an investment of 70,000, the 34year old Mr. Satheesh succeeded in creating the only certified pet food stores in Kerala.

With his turnover scaling up to 3 crores, the 50-year-old Mr. Satheesh has incorporated his knowledge and knocking opportunities for his benefits. After acquiring his degree in commerce in 1999, he started working his way up in the Eureka Forbes company as a sales executive.

The skills that he received from working in Eureka Forbes, helped him to develop the selling point of his proprietary. From the sales executives, he took up the task to represent veterinary medicine marketing with a variety of companies having different management strata.

After serving the veterinary pharmaceuticals and gaining skills and experience in the field for thirteen years, he started his enterprise as a veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturing and marketing in the name of spa biotech that marketed various products required by the best in the state of Kerala.

The struggles he faced:

After initiating his business in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturing and marketing, he understood after one year that extending the business as a wholesale business retailer is no easy task.

“one year I realized that doing wholesale business by extending credit to retailers is very difficult.”

There were many issues that he had to face which stopped him from establishing himself as a successful wholesaler. Finding difficulties in ‘doing veterinary biologicals’ and distributing the medicines by investing money always got held up.

It ceased the processes and didn’t bear any significance in the market. The backlog that they faced stopped them from gaining the importance that they wanted to achieve in the particular field.

The encouragement he received:

After facing quite corporational issues, he saw the opportunity arise when they were approached by the manufacturer of pedigree dog food to promote their products along with the vet biologicals. It is through them that they received the recognition they desired and entered the market fully. Here they understood their strength and started working on expanding their business effectively.

“They made us open the first pet food exclusive store in Calicut, and now we have 4 in the city, we are the distributors of all leading brands of multinational brands of dog and cat foods, veterinary vaccines, medicines, and accessories.”

Their ISO certified exclusive store helped them to establish a space for cats and kittens where they can feel the luxury. The information of new ideas like pet grooming and spa centers, super-premium pet food, and other elements for cats, kittens, and other pets caters to new possibilities where the pet owners can pamper them.

What makes them unique:

Being recognized by a pet company, where they were gifted with the BMW X1 for their contribution made to society, helped them for use on the main aspect of the business which lay in the conception. Catering to the unique prospect in the middle of Calicut has given them the driving force they needed to enhance their image.

“we became center of attraction throughout the country as the company highlighted our achievement throughout the country”

People started copying their idea as they focused on promising the customer care services above all by creating a better shopping environment for the ‘pet parents and able to ensure a pleasant life for the pets in our region’

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