An Entrepreneur Couple: A Perfect Example of How Mixing Private & Professional Relation Is A Blessing

Harshitha Karthik, HK Permanent Makeup Clinic

HK Clinic is everything about the experience of more than just a cosmetic and permanent makeup service. Here, the couple started the joint venture to provide skin and hair-related services that can be life-transforming in many ways.

The wife was always enthusiastic about the beauty and cosmetic industry. As she explored further, and was fascinated with the strong makeup industry. It amazed her how she could help transform lives daily through my work.

What Started HK Clinic?

As mentioned earlier, she was quite passionate about cosmetic procedures. In the beginning, When permanent makeup was such a rage outside the country, they found quite a few clinics providing such services in India. Thus, the inauguration of the HK Clinic happened.

She then undertook training for numerous procedures and got international certifications related to them. These methods appealed to my husband Karthik, and he structured everything that we set out to achieve.

“He was and is always the backbone of the HK permanent makeup clinic. From coming up with new technologies to keeping our clientele satisfied, he ensures the experience is just about perfect.”

Some of the most prominent treatments which are always a top choice amongst the clients of HK Clinic are Korean glow-ups, Lip color correction, Acne scar reductions, and Microblading for the eyebrows.

Each of these makes an enormous difference instantly and hence is usually amongst the prime choices.

What Were The Challenges?

As the entire world is going through this pandemic, running a permanent makeup clinic has its challenges. They were nervous about running the clinic during these times, but the devotion that their clients have showered kept them running the clinic even during the partial lockdown days.

They had ensured that the place was constantly sanitized and disinfected after every treatment. Moreover, they insisted on a negative covid test report from the clients within a frame of 24 hrs to maintain the best and safest standards for one and all.

Also, on the other edge, they saw a surge in our clients during this period as some techniques require a certain downtime of a week or so, which was very much possible during the existing times.

Nonetheless, they have received multiple offers to franchise the clinic in different cities. Still, they are presently focusing on establishing only this brand and connecting with each of their clients.

What Is It Like To Work As A Couple?

According to them, it is completely a blessing that both of them are in this together. Moreover, they realized how beautiful it is that a career and passion come together not just for a person but also for couples.

“I wouldn’t deny that we are extremely busy on certain days, but what we do gets our blood racing, and we don’t feel like we are missing out on too much otherwise. It is not just our job but our dream and life now.”

They have particular duties that each of us takes commitment for. Sometimes if one of them gets busy, the other one organizes the floor & vice versa. They also split administration and procedural endeavors too so that no one is troubled by a whole task.

Kartik and his wife met through mutual friends and started getting to know each other.

“You know it when it’s the right person for you, and maybe it’s destiny that we crossed our paths.”

They kept the friendship under the wraps for a while to just focus on ourselves. Then, when the time was right, the families met and instantly bonded with each other. Therefore, they got married and now have a little child- the cozy little clinic.

The strength is her husband Karthik, and she claims to be fortunate that they aren’t just life partners but partners at work. They complement each other, and we wish them the best of luck in their upcoming endeavors.

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