An Entrepreneur’s Free Service To Build A Healthy Nation

Doing something for the nation is a dream of many. Especially when it comes to providing  service free of cost to individuals & athletes who can’t afford it’s such a noble cause indeed. Those who are connected to sports would surely know about the significance of a good diet. Nutrition and diet are some of the many factors that decide the success of a sportsperson. To build a healthy lifestyle and body, one needs to consume just the right nutritious food. 

Therefore, Ashish Shukla, the founder and Owner of ‘Way Of Life Nutrition,’ has taken it upon himself to provide free service on nutrition. Thereafter, he started at this juncture two years ago. 

Being a Mechanical Engineer, he has truly turned things around due to his exuberant enthusiasm for serving India. In addition to his bright educational background, he is also an avid sports lover, and therefore he knows the significance of proper nutrition and diet. 

To make his dream come true, he has collaborated with eminent personalities, youth icons and sports stars to provide such a grand gesture to all the young sports aspirants and common people too.

He says,

“I have persuaded myself to toss within the world of Nutrition where I can contribute with my knowledge to each single Indian with best of my capabilities.”

Currently, he represents the Fit India Movement as the brand ambassador and works with individuals searching for true nourishment plans and body transformation. 

The Way Of Life: A Brief About The Noble Initiative

The main motto of the Way Of Life Nutrition, which was established in 2018, is providing better human health by contributing to the fundamental knowledge of how nutrients and food components can function at systematic, cellular, and whole-body levels and impact human health and illness. Therefore, this initiative strives to deliver innovative interventions and service programs that can alter the meal patterns or food choices with the goal of improved health of individuals. 

However, in the beginning, the process demanded hard work and determination. As for diverting the mindset of the people of India, Ashish put pure Integrity, Passions, Determination. In other words, the intensity to do something for the Nation made him overcome his hurdles.

This free-of-cost initiative is helpful for somebody who can’t afford the product and is seeking Nutrition management. With a custom diet planning service, this collaboration emphasizes a healthy life. However, the service is not limited to athletes but anybody seeking a healthy dietary plan to continue their fitness journey.

The company has the vision to serve regional, national,  and international communities. They focus on ensuring that proper food and bioactive components can contribute to effective health free of illness. 

Therefore, this endeavour that has helped more than 1000 clients attaining better nutrition and served 10 plus countries in their fitness journey will keep on thriving to expand.

All The Obstacles Along The Way

To become successful, there will always be obstacles in the path that needs to be crossed. The founder of the Way Of Life also had to face some similar problems. According to him, it was an overwhelming task to teach about nutritional values to other people. However, it was important not to lose focus and do everything to make a dream come true. 

“The Body Transformation & to learn about the Nutrition is a game of Passions, so I have learned a lot that how to calm yourself down when the things & Circumstances are antagonistic & then rise from the event.”

This is exactly how he obliterated the obstacles along the way and found the recipe for success. Through sheer integrity, passion, determination, and intensity, he yearned to do something for the Nation, for India, and that’s how he achieved everything. 

Word Of Advice To All The Budding Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur requires the skill of optimism and the capacity to stand up after a fall. So, the Way of Life founder advises all the budding entrepreneurs to go for the enthusiasm. It’s all about having confidence within oneself and, therefore, attempting to do what others can’t think of. Moreover, it’s also pivotal to think outside the box, not for the money but for the diversity. 

“At whatever point you’re feeling down & out-think thrice why you have got begun all this.” 

This is the success mantra of Ashish Shukla, the founder and owner of Way of Life Nutrition. 

Awards And Accolades

As for the awards, Ashish Shukla has received the best thing a successful entrepreneur can ask for: the blessings of thousands of people he has helped.

If you’re inspired with this story, do share it with your friends and family & be their fountain of positivity! Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with us in the comment section; we care for all of you!

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