An Entrepreneur’s Devotion: Providing Safety & Awareness In Construction Industry

After becoming successful, we often think about how we can provide a hand of safety to those in need. In fact, with the daily news of accidents in the construction sites, it becomes the need of the hour to assist in evading such a calamity. That’s the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs look to devote their lives to assisting people. In this journey, they also help out the people in need of jobs. In other words, they develop potential people into professionals.

Vinod Kanumalla & Archana Mamarde, the owners of the NASP Safety Systems India Pvt. Ltd strives to deliver better results in the health and safety domain. Moreover, they also train and develop professionals.

With a vision to do something concrete in the industry, they had begun the company back in 2015. Presently, the company has a turnover of 50 lakhs, and the founders have also started with a capital of 5 lacks.

Vinod Kanumalla, who is 33 years old now, started this business at the age of 28. Previously he worked in the construction industry for a decade and worked in various foreign countries as a professional. However, he felt that the market required rightly trained manpower, especially in the industrial area. Therefore, he took it upon himself to try and provide the potential candidates better learning and eventually developing them into professionals.

In this way, the accidents in the industrial field could be lessened. In other words, he tried to provide a platform to people. Therefore, the company started in 2016, on 11th April.

Brief About The Company

As we mentioned earlier, the company saw its inception on 11th April 2016. Presently, the business is working with five franchises. As for the goal, the owner said,

“My organization creates awareness about the health, safety & fire industry. It also creates an impact upon individuals to reduce the accidents & incidents in their day to day life.”

In addition, this company also has a goal to create jobs for those who want to enter the construction industry through professional education. This is the reason why the company grooms the aspirants to become professionals in their respective fields. The result of this would be to secure better results in the health & safety domain.

With young and professional minds with highly experienced marketing staff, the business aims to reduce accidents and incidents in the construction industry. By doing this, the company also expects a turnover of 2 cr yearly. In fact, as with any other business venture, the company also seeks expansion across India and Asia pacific.

Opportunities, Inspiration, & Struggle

The company’s founders felt a lack of immediate manpower and highly experienced, qualified professionals in the industrial field. Therefore, the main goal was to provide assistance and guide the young minds to success.

As for the success, the founder has said,

“Any safety professional who has spent more than two decades into the industry is an idol for me as the time and experience they have is beyond words to be explained.”

In addition, there’s also the inspiration of Steve jobs that have helped them.

However, the road to success has multiple thorns arrayed, and the founders of this business didn’t have it easy either. First, it was difficult to find the right people to do the job. Moreover, multiple adversities only made it tough. However, he had faith in himself and did what was the best, and success followed.

Mantra Of Success

It’s not surprising that you need a never-giving-up attitude and strong knowledge to succeed in a business. However, the entrepreneur also has a word of advice to the people interested in becoming successful. In every problem, there lies an opportunity, and one has to overcome the problems and grab that opportunity.

“Problems come with ideas to solve them.”

Accolades & Awards

The company has also received excellence from the Fire & Security Association Of India in 2021. Such a unique initiative is rare these days, and the owners of NASP Safety Systems India have certainly seen a sunny day of success.

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