An Ordinary Man With An Extraordinary Idea Seeks Out To Achieve Eminence By Establishing Environment-Friendly Technology

Have you ever thought about where we would be without the batteries? Have you ever thought about how our lives would turn out to be without automobiles, telecom, motorbikes, VRMA? Imagine having a life where you cannot operate something? Doesn’t it feel out of the place? A battery may seem insignificant but every small thing in this world has importance.

The battery is one of them. This man-made creation which powers almost half of the technical aspects in the era has the power to energize half of the machinery. Without the inception of batteries, there would be no civilization, there would be no ‘getting ahead’. Knowing the importance of batteries and how it influences mankind, Mr. Amit Nagar, founded Knightrone Technology and Adarsh Traffic Park and Road Safety Auditorium and changed the way everything was perceived.

Being roped in with many foundations and holding many world records for the continuous road safety and traffic awareness seminar held for 151 days, 365 days, and 629 days consecutively, he has contributed more to the welfare of society in many ways. Through Knightrone Technology, he has achieved a great milestone which has become rather tough for others to compete. How? Through setting exemplary embodiment of the phenomena that is taking the civilization ahead bit by bit.

The powerhouse that is taking the civilization ahead:

Being the CEO of Knightrone Technology, Mr. Nagar has created a space for batteries where technological advancement has shown its true potential. Believing in the power of retaining independence, strength, determination, and reliability, through the technology ensured by the Knightrone Technology, or should we say the batteries created manufactured by them provides them with the efficacy that many Automotive, Motorbike, VRLA, Telecom, etc seeks.

“We produce the most advanced automotive batteries using state-of-the-art technology for an excellent maintenance-free battery experience.”

The state of art batteries is made in a way to not create any difficulties for the environment. The environmentalist approach has helped them to produce eco-friendly automated plants to ensure their responsibility towards the environment. Being able to help many technical gadgets put into mechanization, the multi-faceted application of the batteries is not only increasing the usages of these phenomena but is creating a space for their growth.

“Our R&D work is carried out on various facets of lead-acid battery technology, which include the development of new products for applications such as Automotive, Motorbike, VRLA, Telecom, etc. primarily to make the product range internationally competitive.”

By adapting their technology to suit the contemporary requirements, by enhancing their functionality with the help of execution of many advanced methods so that an efficient and quality product can be created, their main aim is to reach the pinnacle internationally. The usage of particular substances helps the developers keep the production strictly ‘environmentally friendly’ as it not only serves one purpose but extends it to the take of protection of the climate.

“R&D emphasis is on studying and improving the environmental aspects associated with the manufacturing process. Our plants are also equipped with a Tool-Room, CAD facilities, material testing, and laboratories…..”

What makes it unique?

A unique outlook that has been set to energize machinery without harming the climate is unusual in itself. But apart from that, there are some other positive points which make batteries produced by Knightrone Technology exceptional.

“Every Knightrone inverter battery has the ability to withstand frequent discharge, emits low gas, and comes with a host of features including and at a price that will fit your pocket.”

Through emission Spectrometer, Particle Size Analyzer, Porosemeter, Image Analyzer Workstation, Profile Projector, Universal Tensile testing machine, etc, the quality of the batteries are improved to meet the mark of excellence.

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