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Vandit Shah

Vandit Shah, an organized man of idiosyncratic believes, is an IT guide, a Project Consultant, a Professional Sales Trainer, a Motivational Speaker and an Author, who has a rich 8 years of experience at 27 years of age. Just like a calm but fast-moving river, Vandit believes in propelling with patience and passion. His enthusiastic inclination towards the ‘art’ of sales and his will to deliver values and solutions urged him to incept his own business. Initiating his career from a call centre, while nourishing his skills pool, Vandit has been applauded by his clients, which made him realize his potential. Continuously growing up his versatility and polishing his skills, Vandit climbed the ladder of success, which prompted him to diversify his profession independently.

His keen vision has always been by his side to inspire him since the beginning. His firm dedication and unabating efforts made him successfully thrive in this field,
plus the people around him succoured as a source of inspiration, from whom he chalked out what further efforts are needed. Vandit believes in learning from small things, that’s from where detailed ideas take birth. “We must have the potential to identify the positives in everything and every situation”, shares Vandit.

While taking us through his journey, Vandit shares, “Communication is the key in this field, and it was another challenge for me as I couldn’t speak or write even a single word of English but my clients used to speak English only. My keen efforts to learn English by observing other people talk and converse have helped me a lot and gradually I turned to be an author of a much loved book! The struggles were gross as I didn’t bear a professional degree in the field but my skills do not hold a paper proven credibility, which my past-employers paid a lot of attention to. Being rejected from several jobs, fired from 6 companies and halted promotions could not serve as a barrier to my progress and eventually I sailed through them”.

Risking a secure job and leaving the monthly pay checks behind, especially when you are the sole bread earner of the family, it gets difficult to step further, but Vandit’s undying passion didn’t let him stop. Starting with zero capital and empty wallet, Vandit believes it was not only money that he could invest in his venture, but it was also about moral support as no one believed in him and his capabilities. He embarked on his journey alone with a strong belief that everyone will come around him sooner or later, which eventually turned out to be true.

Vandit tapped the potential market by realizing the fact that customers not only want a good product, rather they need a useful one, which made him sense the dying need of understanding customers prerequisites for thriving in the market. “I checked my waters and dived in”, says Vandit, who believes that products fail in the market due to lack of requirement, and designing the products which solve problems, stood as a rule of thumb in business, which he always adheres to. “I focus on identifying and selling the diversified benefits of a product, rather than just selling the product”, shares the out of the box thinker, Vandit.

His strong determination, uninterrupted focus and drive to take risks bring his unique traits into limelight. “I think the combination of these 3, brought me here”, he discloses with a smile. “My communication skills are exceptionally helpful because I am a good listener and I understand the needs of my clients by listening to them attentively. I don’t give up easily and set realistic targets, and I believe in the perfect blend of hard work and smart work to achieve these targets”, shares Vandit.


  • Vandit Shah has won the ‘India Leadership Awards 2019’ under the category ‘Young Entrepreneur and Professional Sales Trainer of the Year’ by Blindwink.


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