Woman Entrepreneur Aiming To Bring A Revolutionary Change In Society

Recently having won the best Entrepreneur Award from IETE in the year 2018, Times Research Award from USA and earning name for Agriculture Innovation by Startup India, Kajal Prakash Rajvaidya is the best example of an innovator and hustler. Kajal has set up her own business endeavour KITS, a hub for imparting education about practical knowledge that aims to target jobs of all nature.

Hailing from a small city of Maharashtra, Kajal always wanted to come up with an innovative business idea that would help impart best possible practical education to the society. She hails from the background of engineering and has completed Bachelors of Engineering from Shreeyash College of Engineering and Technology in Aurangabad in the year 2014.

Her start up idea, Kajal Innovation and Technical Solutions (KITS), based out of Aloka, Maharashtra, offers practical knowledge to students lacking it and enables them to avail high profile job in various sectors. This business idea was triggered in her mind when she herself was offered a job as a fresher in an organization where she was asked to perform a below dignity job over assembly line. This is when she realized that how a lack of practical knowledge can deny high profile job to several students. She kept thinking about ways to address its needs. No sooner did she come up with this StartUp idea ( which today looks forward to making collaboration with International institutes in the country and overseas.

Believing in individuals who have outdone something in the world, Kajal believes in the power of all. Following Jack Ma and Ruther Ford, she aims to win over the world as an entrepreneur. As a girl entrepreneur, struggle was indeed the most integral part of her life. By keeping faith in herself, Kajal faced a lot of hurdles setting the business up. The most difficult part being earning goodwill and maintaining the trust of financers and everybody else investing in the business.

Although everybody around including family and colleagues were of the opinion that she should settle down with some full time job, Kajal was determined to bring a change and establish KITS successfully. Nevertheless, she kept maintaining faith in herself and kept striving for her mission and vision. No sooner did she manage to establish KITS with 45% share in market and a team of more than 25 people making the organization reach an esteem position in India.

By winning through the tedious challenges and risks while fighting with big business giants in the field of technical education, Kajal managed to keep faith on herself. The gap between industry and institution enforced her to offer Technical training program and enable newcomers and employers meet their ends.

Kajal Prakash Rajvaidya kept being consistent with the vision she had of making both ends meet and did not let anything come in between her dream or aim. She believes in her risk taking capacity that makes her different from others. Her zest for passion challenges her to take risks everyday and turn them a success.



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