Breaking Through Conventional Modeling, He’s A Plus-Size Model With Hearing Impairment

Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, 28, is an aspiring plus-sized model with hearing impairment. Completed schooling from DPS Maruti Kunj, Gurgaon, and graduated in Hons from Hans Raj College, Delhi University; he excels in every field chosen.

An MBA graduate from IIM Lucknow, he possesses a passion for Debating and Art. Furthermore, he was a core member of The Dramatic Society, IIM Lucknow, and has participated in flash mobs and performed plays with

Being an MBA from IIM Lucknow, he had opportunities in corporate life. However, his passion lies in challenging modeling and acting. Thus, he wants to become a thought leader in time to come and influence as many youngsters as possible positively.

“We criticize a lot, but the world needs appreciation more than ever to build a sustainable society.”

An Idol in The Making

Being hearing impaired, he didn’t let the struggle win over success. Rather, he prefers to be happy as a choice, and thus the attitude of taking challenges as opportunities have made him achieve the milestones that he set for himself. Every time he achieved a milestone, rather than stopping, he stretched his limits further.

Due to this never-stopping attitude, he got the courage to participate in the Beauty Pageant for plus-size models, happening for the first time in India. In the Talent Session, he presented the problems and traumas of a farmer’s life, which moved everybody in the audience to tears by my silent acting. Judges were very impressed by his performance, eventually winning the title of MR INDIA PLUS on Feb 28, 2021.

For his indomitable spirit to work hard and better, Ashutosh has achieved many prestigious awards in life. Some of them include Winner Mr. India Plus 2021, Lead Actor, ‘Education for all’ IIM-L play; won 2nd position in National level Market, 1st Runners-up in Intersection Group Stage Drama event in Camaraderie, 2nd prize among 136 students in a debate organized by Sambhavana Organisation, consolation prize in an inter-collegiate debate organized by Hansraj College, DU, and many more.

Inspiration and Life-changing Wisdom

Coming from a humble background, his parents are the powerhouse of his inspiration. His father, who retired from a corporate job, and his mother, an M.Phil scholar, have supported him through his journey. But, other than them, he has always admired Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his quality of being patient and focused. When the world around him panics and thinks what all can go wrong, Dhoni, silently behind the stumps, focuses only on what can be made best out of the situation at hand. Although he hasn’t met Dhoni yet, he has been a guiding spirit for Ashutosh all these years as a big brother.

As for his struggles and problems, he says:

“For me, Winning is not only about winning the event, but it is also much more about my winning over my struggles and restraints in life…  a lot of times lows came in the sense that I challenged myself… every time I managed my balance believing that nothing is impossible, and this is what I feel was needed.”

He is of the view that learning more from our failures brings success closer than ever. And, to him, a failure is nothing but a learning experience that has always made me 1% better every time.

“You cannot copy someone and become a success, it may happen in short term but I believe it is not sustainable.”

To conclude, we think he has a great future waiting for him with many accomplishments yet to be achieved. And embracing plus-size modeling and accepting body type, being confident and passionate about life are the few goals he is pressed to achieve.

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