Bringing Change to the Event & Exhibition Industry: Here’s Everything about the Founder of

The founder & Director of, Nitin Kumar Koli, got inspired to open this online portal when the novel Coronavirus hit the world like a rock. When COVID 19 struck the world, it shut down the event & exhibition industry for about two years. Nobody had work, and Nitin Kumar Koli rattled his head to figure out a unique way to help his industry grow globally.

As someone who’s been in the industry since 2008, Nitin knew the kind of problems you face as an entrepreneur; thus, he founded with an aim to help find a solution to those problems.

Talking about, it is an online portal specifically curated for the events & exhibition industry. It allows the entrepreneurs in the industry to connect all across the world and grow their businesses globally.

The online portal is based on the “Reverse Bidding Model,” where the vendors can directly submit their proposals to the event or exhibition agency after looking at numerous detailed requirements & designs.

The portal helps them save up a lot of money, time, and energy. It also provides confidence that they can hand over the project to anyone in the world.

Bidmystand is a unique concept that is totally different from a directory listing. What sets Bidmystand apart is that the agency can upload its projects on the portal and wait for service providers or vendors to bid on them. The platform’s algorithm is made to notify the nearest and relevant category vendors to submit their bid/quote.

Thus, the portal benefits both the vendors and the design agencies. Nitin Kumar Koli loves what he does as offers him the satisfaction that he’s doing something for the growth of the industry.

As the Founder & Director of this online portal, the biggest challenge Nitin faced was finding trusted suppliers. Over time, he’s managed to overcome this obstacle by developing a strong supplier network of trustworthy individuals.

Nitin Kumar Koli’s dream is to get recognition from Informa Markets, which is the Top Exhibition Organizer in the world. He also wishes to be remembered for leaving a mark in the event and exhibition industry by turning it into a better place than what it was earlier.

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