Buyerr: Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement and Channel Loyalty Solutions

Founder and CEO – Dr Ashifi Gogo  |  Country Head India –  Mr Anshul Gupta

In the competitive landscape of today’s business world, innovation and technology play a crucial role in driving growth and customer loyalty. Buyerr, a fresh and innovative brand under Sproxil Inc., has emerged as a pioneer in providing consumer engagement and channel loyalty solutions. Founded by Dr. Ashifi Gogo and led by Mr. Anshul Gupta, Buyerr leverages cutting-edge technologies to offer instant gratification to consumers and enhance brand-consumer relationships. This article explores the journey, impact, and unique features of Buyerr as a martech solution provider.

Company Overview:

Buyerr, as a brand formed in 2023, is an extension of Sproxil Inc., an American technology company renowned for developing the Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) solution to combat global drug counterfeiting. Building on this expertise, Buyerr entered the martech industry to provide consumer engagement and channel loyalty solutions. With a focus on instant gratification, Buyerr collaborates with various fintech companies to offer technologies like coupons, vouchers, and cashback, fostering customer loyalty and influencing buying decisions. Over the years, Buyerr has engaged millions of consumers and channel partners, dispersing rewards worth over 100 million dollars for globally recognized brands.

Defining the Business:

Buyerr serves as a martech solution provider, utilizing in-house technology capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and QR codes to engage consumers. Through mobile apps, microsites, and websites, consumers can win rewards that enhance brand loyalty and influence their purchasing decisions. Moreover, Buyerr’s technology platforms have launched loyalty programs for influencers in industries such as Alco-Bev, FMCG, Agri-based, and Construction. This enables brands to build stronger relationships with consumers and collect valuable first-party data.

Impact on the Market and Society:

Buyerr’s services have a significant impact on the market and society. By offering accessible tools to micro entrepreneurs in unorganized markets, Buyerr helps elevate their socio-economic outcomes. Many hard-working channel partners and retailers, operating in smaller towns and villages, lack recognition and steady income flow, making them ineligible for benefits offered by banking institutions. Buyerr’s loyalty offerings digitize secondary sales, enabling these entrepreneurs to prove their worth and unlock benefits that improve their lives. The long-term goal is to establish trust and transparency between brand owners and retailers, leading to socio-economic mobility rewards such as micro insurance, medical care discounts, education scholarships, and other socially-conscious assistance.

Business Struggles and Overcoming Challenges:

As an entrepreneur, Buyerr faced several challenges during its initial years. Being a late entrant in a crowded market, the brand had to differentiate itself and communicate its unique value proposition. By leveraging technology, Buyerr focused on offering innovative consumer engagement solutions to the highly regulated alco-bev industry. Additionally, the team had to educate participants about digital solutions, replacing age-old methods of scratch card collection and KYC document collection.

Moreover, as a US-based company, Buyerr was initially perceived as costlier compared to existing players. To overcome this, the team worked internally to reduce pricing and tailor offerings to suit the market demands.

Identifying Market Opportunities:

Buyerr identified the market opportunity by leveraging its experience in product authentication and anti-counterfeit technologies. Building on this knowledge, the brand recognized the potential of loyalty programs for channel partners. With rapid technological enhancements, Buyerr automated the rewards system, transitioning from digital to physical rewards with a low-cost, high-perceived value. This approach created an ecosystem where consumers and influencers readily accepted digital vouchers, fueling the success of loyalty campaigns.

Unique Entrepreneurial Traits and Social Impact:

Buyerr’s uniqueness lies in its commitment to support hard-working micro entrepreneurs and elevate their socio-economic outcomes. By illuminating trade channel performance down to the last mile, Buyerr helps decision-makers recognize and invest in these entrepreneurs operating in smaller towns and villages. This support empowers unorganized retailers with digitized secondary sales, enabling them to prove their worth and access benefits that enhance their lives and those of their families. Buyerr’s long-term vision includes providing socio-economic mobility rewards such as micro insurance, medical care discounts, and education scholarships to transform lives.

Prospects for the Future:

In the current competitive landscape, martech plays a crucial role in driving innovation and revenue growth. Buyerr aims to create value exchanges that offer hyper-personalized retail experiences and loyalty perks to consumers, fostering long-lasting customer relationships. Additionally, the company provides secure customer data management, offering valuable first-party data for future engagements. With a focus on enhancing marketing efforts, Buyerr helps brands increase seasonal sales, improve customer retention, and penetrate new audience segments, impacting last-mile buying decisions through incentives and rewards.

Buyerr’s journey from a product authentication company to a martech solution provider showcases its commitment to innovation and customer engagement. With a strong focus on enhancing brand-consumer relationships and elevating the socio-economic outcomes of micro entrepreneurs, Buyerr has positioned itself as a leading player in the industry. Through its technology-driven solutions, the company continues to transform the market, empower unorganized retailers, and unlock benefits that improve lives. As Buyerr expands its reach and offerings, it will undoubtedly shape the future of consumer engagement and channel loyalty in the martech industry.

Our USPs:

Increase conversion

● Increase retention

● Increase product perceived value (against other competitors)

● Value-propelled differentiation (Win for all campaigns)

● Brand experience to increase recall

● Robust tech infrastructure for reward/incentive mechanism

● Incentive/reward design that accomplishes the business goals

● Derive influence for conversion

● Consumer behavioural insights

● Reinforcing desired behaviour

● Fraud resistant

● Customer data gathered for better customer understanding and targeting

● Campaign analytics in real-time (Demographics and channels where the

the campaign is doing good or bad)

● Understanding of consumer’s year-on-year or seasonal behavior patterns

● Surveys/ (qualitative/quantitative) data gathering providing incentive

● Reinforce trust by delivering rewards

● Develop a relationship with channel partners that helps in pushing the

product to the consumers

● Penetrating new audience segments by impacting last-mile buying decisions

through incentive/ reward

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