Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan-Creating his own path in the field of World Records in Memory Power

“Memory Power is the finest skills that not many could master. Unlike other skills, even Memory Power is also a skill, which everyone can learn and can be improved upon”, says Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan, who is International Mind & Memory Trainer and also Multiple World Records Holder in Memory Power.

On 12th March 2023, Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. was awarded at “India Icon Awards-2023” in the category of “India’s Most Iconic Persons” at Taj Hotels, Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru by Blindwink’s Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

In the event, Dr. Ravi was awarded THE TITLE as “World’s First & Only World Record Holder In Memory Power for Mobile Numbers” by Chief Guest – Amrita Rao, Bollywood Actress in the presence of various Print & TV Media.

At this prestigious award event, Dr. Ravi performed some of his Mind & Memory Power Demonstrations such as, Recalling the day of the given Calendar date, Recalling the 6 digit serial numbers in Rupee Currency notes (Rs. 50,000 Bundle notes) and so on. These Memory feats were done in front of the Bollywood Heroine Amrita Rao, audience, print & TV media, which inturn received outstanding standing ovation from the audience. The Heroine Amrita Rao got mesmerized by witnessing the Memory Demonstrations.

Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan. M. (CEO of Master Mind Power Secrets Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India), PGDOLG, PGDRS, PGDIPR, FISCA, FBPS, FSSN, MSFSN, LMSADHNA, MABRF, Memory Trainer, Memory Consultant, Mind Reader, Writer, Success Coach, Mind Trainer, Hypnotist, Psycho Neuro Therapist,Educator, Motivator, Poet, Tarot Card Reader, Tarot Card Consultant, Chief Editor, Written Many Scientific Research Papers and Author of Many Books.

Dr. Ravi is a Certified Trainer with many Certifications:

  • Certified Hypnotist by “International Hypnosis Association (USA)” & “General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK)”,
  • Certified Memory Trainer (Bengaluru, India),
  • Certified Mind Trainer (India),
  • Certified Tarot Card Reader & Expert (Indore, India),
  • Certified Memory Trainer (India),
  • Grapho Therapy & Hand Writing Analyst,
  • Qualified Memory & Mind Master (Chennai, India),
  • Certified Psycho Neuro Therapist(Chennai, India),
  • Chief  Editor for several Peer Reviewed Scientific Research Journals,
“Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan is to Memory Power, what Usain Bolt is to Running”.

Dr. Ravi is Multiple World Records Holder in Memory Power. In the history of mankind, Dr. Ravi has memorized 1,000 Mobile Phone Numbers and has set a New World Record of “Memorizing and Recalling of Maximum Number of Mobile Phone Numbers by an Individual”. Thus he is popularly known as “World’s First and One & Only One Memory King of Mobile Numbers”, because he is the “World’s First Person and One & Only One Person to Memorize & Recall Mobile Numbers”.

This unique and rare World Record has been officially included in various World Record Organizations stretching from INDIA, UK, USA, UAE, NIGERIA, etc. He holds his World Records in various World Record Organizations spread across globe viz., The British World Records (UK), Bravo International Book of World Records (UAE), World Genius Records (Nigeria), Online World Records (UK), World Book of Records (UK, London), America Book of Records (America), European Records Book (Europe) & so on. And this achievement got huge appreciation from various Print Media & TV Media from across the globe. We appreciate him for being the only person in the Whole World to set this New World Record in Memory Power. Till date, no one in the Whole World has ever attempted to make such a World Record before in Memory Power, by Memorizing & Recalling Mobile Numbers. The efforts taken by Dr. Ravi are worth Appreciating.

It all started when he was studying in 12th standard. He saw a 10th standard girl who got failed in her board exams committing suicide infront of him. He tried hard to save her, but failed miserably. He then started to think “Why students are committing suicide nowadays? What’s the drawback in the present education system? Why do students face difficulties in memorizing their subjects?”.

From then onwards, he took it upon his shoulders to research the origins of memory power and started reading and researching on each and every books written on memory power and mind power. But found that books were not enough to satisfy his thrust of knowledge. He also started attending various seminars, workshops & conferences on memory power and mind power. To name a few, he has attended training programs conducted by top trainers in the world like Shiv Khera, Robin Sharma, Tony Buzan, and so on…

Not only this, he went still more further and started searching and reading scientific research papers on the subject. So far he has read around 3,000 scientific research papers, thesis and peer reviewed scientific research journals on various topics viz., Memory Power, Mind Power, Vedic Mathematics, Life, Love, Happiness, Health, Yoga, Human Relationships, Effective Parenting, Human Psychology, etc. After acquiring vast knowledge on the subject, he thought of spreading his knowledge for the benefit of the mankind. So he poured every ounce of talent he had and started teaching his knowledge and skills on Memory and Mind power to various students at schools, colleges and universities by conducting seminars and workshops on “Memory and Mind Power”. Students started getting massive results in their academics.

Inspired by this, in the year 2006, Dr. Ravi established his own private company by name “Master Mind Power Secrets Pvt. Ltd. (MMPS Pvt. Ltd.), Bengaluru, India”, which is an International company known for “Memory and Mind Power Training” in India and abroad. The company was started based upon the idea, that students need strong memory power to excel in their academics. The company is now intended to bring a change in the society and make development regardless of how small it may be in the world.

At present, his company (MMPS Pvt. Ltd.) aims to educate and train the people, make efforts and mitigate some of the most pressing issues that are being faced by the people. Dr. Ravi conducts seminars and workshops on various topics like Memory Power, Mind Power, Vedic Mathematics, Speed Reading, Leadership, Happiness, Life Management, Soft Skills, Effective Parenting etc. in different states all over India, as he is having fluency in many languages (English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu).

His seminars on “The Secrets of Memory Power” (Creative Memory & Personality Development) are highly preferred by Students. So far more than 2 lakhs people have been benefited from his seminars. During his seminars, people will be stunned when they witness his memory demonstrations.

Dr. Ravi’s seminars, workshops and his whole life journey have been appeared in all leading newspapers & TV media for number of times. Dr. Ravi never forgets to thank the support given by print media & TV media.

The efforts taken by Dr. Ravi are worth Appreciating. Come let’s support him by forwarding this Message to Everyone.




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