By Feeding Her Curiosity, Ms. Makhijani Turned Her Passion For Psychology Into Her Profession As She Seeks To Spread Awareness About Mental Health

Where would the world be without those who work tirelessly for someone they cared for? Where would the world be if those selfless people didn’t come forward to provide help to those who were nothing without it? Keeping the mental health in good condition so that a person can find the courage in him to keep going despite facing hurdles in his life can only be done by the psychologist.

Understanding how important the role of a counselor is, Ms. Kiran Makhijani continued to help those in need without looking back. Maintaining a sound mental temperament through ups and down can only be achieved via counseling sessions. Though in society many tend to look at the concept of providing mental care with utter regression.

Ms. Makhijani took the initiation at the age of 25 and initiated Mind Mechanics Management, through which she started to spread awareness about mental health as well as helping those overcome the issues of the mind that keeps them restless.

After completion of her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Mumbai University, she got a postgraduate diploma in the medico-legal system from Symbiosis University to strengthen her knowledge, so that she can apply it positively.

Focusing on certain aspects such as intensive clinical therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, play & narrative therapy, CBT, etc, she has created a space for those in need to provide them with tailor-made therapeutic approaches.

The essence of Mind Mechanics Management:

Being a psychotherapist, she counsels clients varying from different age groups. By using tailor-made methods of psychotherapy, she has created a space where the creation of better understanding and awareness about their experiences and their needs can be spread.

“It works towards developing a better understanding and creating awareness about mental health”

To do so, she has incorporated certain procedures and strategies. She has chosen the mode of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychological evaluations, Family/ Marital counseling, Cognitive skills training, Behavioural modification, De-addiction counseling, Parental counseling, and Remedial training to reach the clients. By incorporating all these counseling options, she tends to resolve the residing interpersonal and interpersonal issues underlying the relationships.

The struggles she faced:

As a budding entrepreneur in the field of a psychotherapist, which not many from the rural area recognize, the main challenge that lay in her path was the adjacent stigmatization that ruled the heart of society.

“As an entrepreneur in the field of mental health, I big challenge I have dealt with is related to the de-stigmatization of mental health”

To overcome the issue of discretion that many clients feel, that lack of recognition of the fact that they need to go through therapy is something that she tried to showcase through simple antidotes and daily life examples. Only by the acceptance of the fact that one needs help to mentally get up again, can one start living freely.

The inspiration that kept her going:

Though facing issues related to her profession where not many positively seek help, where not many positively accept their mental disturbance, where many deny the need of establishing a healthy mental lifestyle, she got the inspiration to keep working by seeing a senior doctor in her field. It was Dr. Matcheswalla, a senior psychiatrist based in Mumbai, whose selflessness and caring mentality helped her keep going.

“Ever since I started, always seen him work selflessly being there 24*7 for his patients, so much so that even the pandemic didn’t stop Sir from being there in his best abilities for his patients, caregivers, etc”

His dedication towards his patient kept her motivated. Apart from her sir, it was the encouragement of the family members and the help she received from them that provided her with the courage to turn her passion into a profession.

Advice to the young mind:

When asked about what advice she would like to give to those aspiring psychologists, she claims that keeping yourself dedicated to your passion will help you reach your goal.

“The road may be rough, slow, longer than you anticipated but remember your goal and keep going forward with integrity.”

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