With His Charismatic And Down To Earth Character, Dr. Kumaravel Has Achieved Success In The Realm Of Medical Sciences With His Unique Approach

What could be better than taking care of those who seem frail? What could be better than restoring the life of someone who is trading his days painfully? What could be better than having the power to deliver someone with the strength to walk, talk and smile again? The profession of a doctor is well respected in every corner of the world and it is due to this reason, why many dream of being in this profession.

One of those people who dreamed of doing something for society was, DR.S. Kumaravel. After completing his graduation from a reputed medical college, he specialized in the field of joint replacement surgeon. Being mesmerized by the field, he always strived to join it for the better. Seeing how the procedure not only required the submission of more money but compelled the imposition of highly skilled steps, Dr. Kumaravel decided to pursue this field with wholehearted passion and dedication.

This socialistic output culminated into the creation of his center in S.K. Hospital Erode in 2011. Hailing from a family where he is a second-generation doctor, he had always been encouraged to become one since the beginning. Seeing how noble the profession is, he got the motivation he needed to keep going in the path that is tiresome and requires commitment. After years of practice, his knowledge and experience came to be of use as he finally achieved his dream.

“I dreamt to become a specialist and I chose the field of joint replacement surgeon. Now my dream has come true and people wholeheartedly accepted me as a renowned and skillful joint replacement surgeon”

The essence of his business:

Being driven to take the profession of a doctor, a person who has the power to help someone live their life normally again, someone who will spread happiness through and through, Dr. Kumaravel has created a space via his center in S.K. Hospital Erode where his dream to provide those in need with joint replacement can come true.

Understanding how many tend to opt-out of the surgery despite going through a great deal of pain, Dr. Kumaravel established a center where the procedure of joint replacement will be carried out maintaining its technical ties and advancements in the procedure in a cost-effective way. His humanistic approach helped him get the recognition he deserves.

“The specialty started to flourish at my hospital due to quality surgery at a very affordable cost. This solved the problem of a financial burden on my people”

The encouragement he received:

The philanthropic approach of providing the people with the essential space where a joint replacement can be conducted without any issues, that too at a cost-effective way was the main incentive that propelled Dr. Kumaravel to take this opportunity and turned it all around. Recognizing the gap that lay between the number of people who need to undergo this procedure and those who can afford it, was the main element that needed to be done away with.

“The need for a specialized joint replacement center at erode encouraged me to start this center.”

Taking inspiration from his teachers and role models, he kept going ahead to accomplish the task at hand. Due to this approach, many underwent the treatment to receive the most needed therapy.

Advice to the aspiring doctors:

Being the unique participant in his town with a unique profession was something very hard when it came to convincing them. However, he claims that it was his hard work that brought the result.

“Build your skills and wait for your opportunity.”

After going through ups and downs, his opportunity finally came and he managed to accomplish his dream of serving humanity.

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