By The Doctors, For The Doctors

Dr. Rahul Rai, Director and founder: Star PMT Tutorials

Dr. Rahul Rai, Director and founder: Star PMT Tutorials

Being a doctor, the first and foremost intention should always be to give back to society. While serving patients is one way, another very effective way to ensure you give back is to enable students to become doctors and keep the cycle going. Driven by the vision of making India, a “Disease free Nation”, but realizing that taking this task head on for any individual is a far cry, Dr. Rahul Rai adopted the route, to enable other doctors and create a strong and able army that would help him to achieve this dream. Dr. Rai started Star PMT Tutorials way back in 1999 in Gorakhpur (Eastern U.P.). Established with a view to ensure rock solid foundations for aspiring doctors, the curriculum at Star PMT has never been shortsighted.

With the existing tutorials, Dr. Rai noticed a lag in delivering end to end solutions to students and guide them with complete and wholesome education. When the foundations aren’t rock solid, the building wont be sturdy, with this belief, Dr. Rai set out to pass on to students his takeaways from his education back at Imperial College, London to help them realize their ambitions and give flight to their talents. When you learn from seasoned practitioners, not just educators, the practical knowledge helps to better prepare students and also ensures that the medical pool is of top quality as well. This is where “By the Doctors, For the Doctors came into play and the dream of creating a Healthier Nation can truly be fulfilled. This is where the students of Star PMT Tutorials stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Star PMT Tutorials provides regular vigorous coaching sessions, series of tests and Mock examinations, focused both on groups and also emphasizes on individuals’ growth to enable goal-oriented results. Star PM is more than just your regular medical tutorial classes as they realize the importance of getting students to focus on being highly motivated, skilled and trained so as to get through to nothing but the best Medical Institutes. The drive that Star PMT sows in their students, helps them to secure high scores in Medical Entrance Examinations. All coaching and services at Star PMT are offered to students after meticulous planning an in-depth comprehensive syllabus and training session for NEET and AIIMS preparation. Having realized that with the competition getting tougher, Star PMT has established processes to ensure that there is no shortcoming to either their students or anything that might even remotely tarnish their own reputation and make them appear as ordinary or even average.

With a vision to produce a team of leading future Doctors willing to treat and cure the poor, on last count, Star PMT Tutorials under the guidance of Dr. Rahul Rai has mentored over 1012 Doctors including super specialists practicing all over India. What makes Star PMT stand apart is the fact that their students are involved with serving humanity while being alums of some of the most reputed Medical colleges and hospitals all over India. The aim of Star PMT was to bring back the reputation to the Medical profession of being one of the most noble professions who have the capacity to aid in preventing the sorrows of the human race from critical disease and illness and increase the quality of life. Doctors they play a major role in improving the health conditions of people & consistently work towards their well-being, for all humans irrespective of their economic status, race, etc. The success of Star PMT lies in the success of their students. This success is courtesy of a distinguished panel of experts tutors, who have experience in working in top Medical Colleges & hospitals and come with an immense knowledge in the Medical field.

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