Dr. Priyank Patil & Mrs. Monalisa Patil, Founders: Jagma World School

Where every entrepreneur today is planning big and new developments for the fast paced urban world, the rural part of the world; especially that of India, gets left far behind. In times like this, when some people direct all of their energies, to ensure the best practices prevalent in the market reach the rural diaspora of the country; it is not just a sigh of relief, but a beacon of hope. One such couple is that of Dr. Priyank Patil and Mrs. Monalisa Patil. The Patil’s founded the Jagma World School, that educates, trains and prepares students to be world ready with special emphasis for IAS aspirants from the remote area of Maharashtra called Khed- Digar.

With Mahatma Jotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule as their idols, the Patil’s are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that top quality standard education is not compromised with. The effort is to ensure that nobody ever has reason to state that the children from this school are ultimately from the rural part of the country. Education shouldn’t merely be a mandate, but ensuring the quality is that which is at par and sometimes even better, is what drives The Patils. Noticing the blatant gap is the educational facilities available, the Patil’s took it on themselves to ensure the reach of quality education irrespective of the geographical and economical status of the village they today operate their business from. It is less of a business and more of a social service to ensure equality and equal rights and opportunities for these young guns.

“It is not that they don’t have the caliber, what is lacking is the facilities for higher and quality learning,” The Patils are equivocal and almost simultaneously iterate each other’s thoughts, only to show that they are both committed and believe in this project as the other. Education is and should be a means of producing good citizens, but the fact remains that quality education has the capability to do way more than just make responsible citizens, it can produce leaders if they are equipped with the right weaponry. The weaponry in this case is that quality education that the Patils are trying to arm the students with.

A gargantuan task such as this however, requires more than the will to build something so powerful. The greatest hurdle the Patils faced to build this was to be able to procure the land for insftrastuctural development as well as spot on hiring to find trained teaching and administrative staff that is well equipped to deal with the drawbacks of being present in a rural set up.

To work with limited means and that too for a cause are not the factors that have hindered the Patils who continue on their path to enable children to be responsible citizens, worthy students and give them wings to give their future flight.

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