By Traveling All Around The World And Assimilating Ideas From There, Mr Biswal Tries To Connect India With The Rest Of World

Nothing showcases utmost dedication towards achieving one’s ambition than the employment of hard work and zeal to make it to the top. Surely multiple people want to venture into a field that will launch their career, but very few have the merit to archive it positively. One of those few is Mr Chandan Biswal, who embarked on the journey that led him to accomplishment.

After completing his MBA in marketing and finance, and after completing the executive program from the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow, he got the experience and knowledge he needed to start operating at a larger level of service. After the completion of his studies, he started his career in sales.

“Then entered into marketing & product development function.”

After gaining insight into this field of sales, he launched himself into the marketing and development function, where he applied his knowledge and enthusiasm to meet the management’s expectancy. Step by step, he continued to walk ahead of the game as his mastery gained for over fifteen years resulted in proficiency that one has never seen before.

This corporate leader has an understanding of the FMCG categories like personal care, foods & beverages. Not only that, but he tried to establish global brands in India. How? By discerning the creation’s category, by understanding consumers’ insights, by launching the product or the brand in an innovative method. The employment of these unique brand-building initiatives enabled him to go forth.

“Chandan is a truly resourceful, creative and solution-oriented marketer who perfectly understands exactly how to trigger consumers via a multifaceted sales & marketing toolbox.”

Cecilia Edebo, (Managed Chandan in Preera)

His experience speaks for his merit:

Having up to 15 years of familiarity with marketing, he worked with brands like Medimix, Cadbury, Libero, Tempo, TENA, and Pigeon so that the Indian market can be established so that the native trades can flourish. He created an opening for the domestic exchanges based on the analysis made by the consumers’ insights that established those brands in the Indian industry.

He recognised the market gap and worked towards quenching his thirst for proficiency as he travelled across the globe to comprehend the best practices in various markets. Starting from places like Europe to Asia, from Australia to Middle East countries, he soaked up all the wisdom about his field as much as possible to implement those learnings into the Indian exchanges.

His innovative solutions helped him hold the position of Director of Sales, Marketing, Customer services, and New Product Development at Pigeon India. However, his designation doesn’t end here as he is also on the board of directors of Pigeon in India.

Accolades earned:

Apart from the corporate job in legion, he is also involved in business consultancy services and an angel investor. His inherent enthusiasm for getting ahead in the industry gained him a couple of awards that speak for his success. These are the Corporate Young Achiever Award by Business Mint in 2019, Top 100 Digimarketers by Adobe in 2019, MarkAchiever award in 2017 by COINS, and the Most Influential Marketing Leader of 2016 World Marketing Congress.

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