From Facing Hurdles To Clearing Them Effectively One By One, The Composed And Calm Man Achieved His Dream With Passion And Heart

What is the value of experience? Knowledge is one of the most important factors that can help one flourish, knowledge is one of the essential factors that can help one to understand what is needed to make him reach that place one aspires to be. Knowing how important role knowledge plays in someone’s lives, Mr Anish Maheshwari took two years off to gain access to the proficiency to run the business in textile, so that he can achieve the dreams he has with conviction.

His confidence in himself and the enthusiasm of acquiring to accomplish his goals helped him to recognize what he needed. And what were those missing elements? Understanding of the business and the experience in the field. After coming to Mumbai in 1999, he started his career as an executive in a textile firm.

However, after seven years of journey with them, he started his firm thinking he can make it big. But having the courage to understand that he is lacking, and having the comprehensive awareness that he lacks what is needed to reach that place, he understood that he needs to increase his viability through trial and error. After 2 years of gap, he recognized the need for experience and knowledge.

“After 7 years of the journey I started my own but in 2 years gap I got understand that for business I need more experience so that I closed that and 2007 Start again job with the current company as accounts executive”

He started working again as an executive, and applied the knowledge and experience, along with his skills and proficiency to yield a result that would lead him to success. By applying his brain, he got to taste how professionalism has to be maintained throughout time. This zeal of knowing it all, this sensation that keeps him motivated so that he can learn and keep growing, has helped him to progress over various fields at different levels.

The essence of his business:

After going through so many hurdles, the application of his insight and aptitudes acquired over the years culminated into Navkar Corporation Limited. His enterprise seeks to establish a task force that solves issues related to CFS and ICDs multimodel logistics.

“We have our railways PFT and CFS and I DO with an owned fleet of 1000 trucks”

With this in mind, they want to easily increase their business by expanding it on multiple levels.

The struggles he faced:

There is no winning without struggling. Struggles are what makes success taste sweeter. Like any other rising entrepreneur, Mr Maheshwari has faced many issues in his lifetime. Starting from the financial crisis which included cheats and frauds, to making IPO of the company. Every issue helped him to rise to the occasion, stronger and smarter. As he started dodging each issue, he became more calm and composed.

“Most likely and most curious was the time when we did IPO of the Company. At that time every day was a challenging day, almost 7 intermediaries were there with them we have to  coordinate and give them each and every revert within guided time with proofs and papers.”

It was the most challenging time that had them always on their toes. However, only one mantra helped them rise to the occasion, it was, that they needed to be calm so that each issue can be solved effectively. Taking Mr Dhirubhai Ambani and Mr Ratan Tata as his influence, he started doing everything he can to achieve his dream.

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