Centered around the concept of “Design along the Existence” this firm is creating dream spaces for its clients

Ar. Harisha H – Founder, Cuttingedge Architects & Interior Designers

Established in 2003, Cuttingedge Architects & Interior Designers, offers best services to the customers in Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, with a desire of pioneering in design innovation and creation of customer experience. With experience of 1500+ varied projects, ranging from individual homes, apartments, commercial complex, schools, paying guest, eco-friendly homes, office spaces and so on, they leverage creativity over anything else. Believing in the principle of strong client partnership collaboration and referral model, Cuttingedge devotes time in listening to their client needs, and delivering their imagination to reality by providing aesthetic direction of design principles. This has brought in immense level of client satisfaction.

Ar. Harisha H, the founder of Cuttingedge is a passionate architect and an enterprising businessman. After graduating from MSRIT, he started his career while he was still studying in his 3rd semester BArch. He worked under renowned architects and construction firms in Bangalore to understand the essence and the beauty of architecture. He carries a huge passion for design, innovation and sustainability, who also love to play around the beauty of place and space. He believes in setting trends by his complying design along the beauty of nature. His design and thought process of detailing the designs bears a strong inclination with environment and culture, which makes him standout from others.  

As a businessman he always believed to deliver some uniqueness in each of his projects. It was his father, a tempered businessman, who always encouraged and motivated him to start something of his own. Professionally, it is Infosys founder Narayan Murthy, who has been the inspiration. His simplicity, his Spartan life style, down-to-earth qualities and the influence of his values on the company that he founded is phenomenal. His tremendous success over the years had no impact on him as a person. Even today, when he has become a global brand, he remains the same simple individual.

Among the array of services that Harisha’s firm offer, planning & designing, construction, and interiors form the base. Within Interiors, they offer 3D Interior Views, detailed working drawings for floor layout, kitchen layout and cabinet details, wardrobe layout, partition layout, false ceiling details, electrical, plumbing and air condition layout, furniture layout and furnishing. One of his recent highlighted landmark project which he takes pride in is “India Sweet House” which is made in Vijaynagara and few Chettinda style of architecture, Here is the long story cut short from the team

“Enormous city, wide busy roads, green environment, giant buildings, different style, different people, different need “smack in the middle “Onliest Heritage Ideal “INDIA SWEET HOUSE” Here it is how it became an ideal. Every architect dreams to design unique. We, the team commencement with Vijayanagara and Chettinad style. when we engaged with contemporary style we had a break. It was quite an interesting and ecstatic start. after rummaging different elements and materials we fix upon to design stone pillars and wooden carvings which are the major element we designed beyond shadow of  doubt which comprise numerous discussions and number of revamp yet it’s time to start lively Carved wooden bands with floral patterns, stone pillars with attracting capital, brass chains, flexible wood for center of attraction, Athangudi tile patterns. Yeah! The challenging part evoked found opportune craftsmanship as things go, we are giving rebirth to one which is in the line of extinct.Forty-five days and nights of diligent work to accord the desire final masterpiece look. when all said and done, with full of cloud nine ideal opened , And, this is the beginning of uniqueness.


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