On a mission to help India stay fit and healthy through vegan health wellness products

Vipen Jain – Founder & CEO, Fitspire

Fitspire took its shape in early 2020, when Vipen Jain, the founder of this wellness brand, figured out that the hectic corporate life is affecting normal health and thereby giving rise to lifestyle diseases which are mostly nutritional deficiency, infertility in women, protein deficiency, high BP and diabetic issues, along with vitals and cardiac issues. Thus India’s first vegan health wellness brand was launched, which is actively avialbale through D2C and ominchannels. Since, childhood, Vipen himself was very health conscious and fitness pro. He tells us,

“While working out in gym, I recognised that people at an initial stage suffer from lifestyle diseases and there’s no correct platform for this concern. After exploring the world and growing to the very same environment while undergoing my self-healing process, I realized to start my own business for healthcare products and empower each one out, while standing in their own shoes to stay healthy and aspire towards health and fitness.”

Attention to nourishing meals has become futile and secondary in this dynamic and busy world. Protein deficiency is also increasing due to a switch towards imbalanced ‘convenience’ foods​, which are low in protein and nutritional value. Unplanned vegetarian diets along with not knowing your body’s minimum nourishment requirements have slowly led up to nutrient deficiencies. Fitspire’s vision is to put a total stop to it and move the needles in the positive direction. They have taken the responsibility to address this nutrient deficiency faced by majority of us. Fitspire products are led by nature and backed by science.

Vipen is an IIM Lucknow alumni and started his career with Standard Chartered, followed by Bajaj Allianz and worked for a decade with Max Group Companies (Max Life) where he was National Head for Amway Business then Head of Sales Promotion Distribution Strategy, a part of the leadership team. In his career spanning 15+ years, he visited 40+ countries with wide exposure to people, culture and lifestyle. This in a way, also helped him to design his products in a better manner that would suit Indian market. People in India nowadays are nutrient deficient and there’s nutritional gap that lingers in the nation. So, to fill that gap he created an ambitious but achievable goal that will ultimately make a huge difference in health and wellbeing of the nation by providing a helping hand towards their overall health and wellness.

Fitspire is on a mission to resolve the nutritional challenges catering to all generation and all segments of life. It has products offering from 5 year child to 65 years old person catering to all segments of health like  – Sports Nutrition (Proteins whey and plant, BCAA, Protein bars), General Health (Skin Care, Keto Weight Management, Multivitamins for men & women, Immunity products, Biotin collagen),      Personal Wellness (vitality for men),   Child Wellness & Healthy Snacking (peanut butters, kids multivitamin, nutrition bars).

According to Vipen, the future looks bright, as it is a 6000 crore worth market and Fitspire will be able to make 5% penetration with next 3 years. Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, several surveys were conducted related to his health company and concluded that a large chunk of the population remains malnutrition, thereby facing several health issues. As a result, he decided to lay a strong foundation to address these concerns. Nowadays novel technologies, formulations of healthcare supplements, and several investments are emerging, and they offer an ideal ground to enable the world to manage energy better. According to Vipen,

“Our mission is to provide investments, spread awareness about veganism and vegetarianism, inspire the nation towards fitness by leveraging technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity, and global urbanization, and inculcate them into our daily lives.”

As a practical person, Vipen likes to draw inspiration from everyone. His teacher, parents, and colleagues et al. But he learns from his last mistakes and tries to perfect out things. He also closely followed his father’s work, who has been a successful businessman, and tried to follow his foot-steps. Vipen’s work has been recognised by various platforms and is being felicitated by several industrial bodies. He is the recipient of “Global Visionary Award 2020”, “Harayana Garima Award 2020”, “International Men Pride Award 2021”, and “Most trusted Health Brand of Year 2022”. And we are sure in the coming years, there are more to come.

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