Coming from an Army background, he established himself as one of the most remarkable names in the Digital Marketing World!

Founder CEO & MD Pobitra Das has become a prime example of where hard work and passion lead to when one has a clear vision of their dreams and aspirations. Mr. Das has served the nation for nine years as an active member of the Indian army. He believes “I am what I am today because of my Army background.” He is an extremely proud man to have served the county, however, he realized his call was something different. 

He has achieved several awards including 1. INDIA 500 BEST STARTUP MSME 2020 AWARDS 2.INDIA 500 BEST CEO MSME 2020 AWARDS and 3.THE 20 MOST PROMISING STARTUPS IN INDIA BUSINESS CONNECT 2020.

“Starting a business is no easy task. It takes courage, energy, and determination”

He has always been an explorer and who never lacked courage in his life. He decided to get into the marketing world where he spent around 12 years of his life. It is a challenging field and it totally depends on how much one can depend on one’s self, due to the hard competitive surroundings.

“In our mission to make India Healthy and wealthy,we have developed a range of daily consumable products.The dream of the founder of Real Dream Achievers is to transform lives followed by a very holistic approach to developing each and every product.We want to be known for our values,development,teachings,reliability,flexibility,responsiveness & innovative Services.”

Real Dream Achievers incorporation ( was founded in 2019, Nov 15. It is the result of Mr Das’ hard work which aims at fulfilling others dreams. This organization aims at making all Direct selling and referral marketing. They focus on selling their products at reasonable rates that everyone can afford irrespective of their circumstances. Their products are “100% natural with ayurvedic extracts” which is pure and fresh in nature and never causes harm of any form. Apart from that, they also provide free leadership training programs to those who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs and make it big in the marketing field. Their aim therefore, is not restricted to merely selling their products. They are also focusing on helping the budding entrepreneurs to become financially stable and achieve freedom of all means. Having mentioned that, it should also be mentioned that they provide digital guidance programs as well to make it easier and accessible to all and to prepare them for the “New World Digital Marketing”. They also provide national and international tours to all the representatives.

The motto of the company is “Your Success is Our Mission” says it all. The dream of the founder of Real Dream Achievers is to transform lives followed by a very holistic approach to developing each and every product. We want to be known for our values, development, teachings, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness & innovative Services.” Mr.Das said.

The future prospect of the business is to help people to be financially freedom,some youths who were educated but being jobless were also warm welcome to be part of this organisation.We also provide everything digitally to increase the speed of the business marketing as well as to be a part of this “New World Digital Marketing”.  

Mr. Das made all of this happen with the help of his visionary mindset that allowed him to explore different fields and possible opportunities. However, he has gained inspiration from PM Narendra Modi and American businessman Robert Kyosaki. Their visions and views have always guided him through his hurdles of like and he has evolved to be a better individual with each passing day of his journey.He is an optimistic man who believed in himself throughout his journey and urges others to do the same. He says “If you can work smart, have the willpower to succeed, then no one can stop you.”

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