She turned her passion into a profession and helping others to pursue their dreams.

‘Think out of the box’ is a commonly heard phrase. Yet, how many of us think out of the box and choose a different career option and work hard for the success of the same? Very few. Being born in an Indian middle-class family, and wanting to do something different than the conventional and accepted career options was her dream. Yes, this is the story of Nisha Rishab Lamba, a versatile and talented young lady. She is the founder and director of the organisation Nisha’s French Classes located in Mumbai and life skills coach for teens. 

Nisha was born and brought up in a middle-class family where strong value was given to respect, love, and education. She considers herself among those lucky kids, who were never forced to get high marks in studies. They considered education as a means to upgrade oneself and to learn personal and interpersonal values. This approach to education had helped her to develop love towards subjects and implement what she studied from her subjects into her life. That’s what Nisha believes, every kid should be taught in schools instead of teaching them just science and mathematics. 

Nisha always focused on conceptual learning rather than concrete learning. She also has graduated in BCOM from University of Mumbai. Economics was her favorite subject.  And also she has completed her degree in French language. She had always been passionate about learning new things and acquiring knowledge about anything and everything that interested her. This trait shows how passionate and compassionate Nisha is. 

“Your ideas and thoughts might not be accepted by everyone, but if you are determined to achieve your goals, one day you will reach the pinnacle of success

Years down from there, after being worked in corporate banks and other firms, she had an instinct inside her. She couldn’t just settle for what life and her studies had offered right away. She wanted to pursue her dreams. Dreams of doing a job and at the same time a service as well.  That’s how she took French as a serious subject. And she wanted to teach others a foreign language. In 2009, 10 May, Nisha started her career as a French language trainer for college and school students, and for professionals who wanted to learn an extra language as a hobby.  

She established her own firm and worked hard for the progress and now she conducts classes both online and offline. As a beginner and being an entrepreneur Nisha had also faced a lot of hurdles in various forms. Breaking the conventional way of teaching was her primary and crucial challenge. Especially when it’s not a widely spoken or accepted language. However, she and her students were determined and worked hard for accomplishing their dream and they succeeded by fetching great grades. That’s what Nisha considers as her greatest achievement. Her positive approach, determination, problem solving skill, patience, empathy, along with knowledge of child psychology helped Nisha to be a successful person in life. 

So her advice for the younger generation is to have patience and work hard for what they strive for. Success will follow.

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