Connoisseur of jewelry design, she etched her name in gold in the business world

With a graduation degree in her hand, she dared to forgo Nine-to-Five mundane job offers and attempted to set up her jewelry venture.  Let’s read on to know how a woman can establish herself without any support.

Life does not come with a written manual guide.  You have to discover it with trial and error methods.   Challenges are waiting for you at every step.  It all depends upon your attitude and how you embrace it. 

When girls her age dream of settling down and starting a family, Soma Biswas registered her own business in the name of Mayukh Traders.  After graduation, she could have chosen an easy life but she preferred to take the road less walked to unravel her potentials.  Since childhood, she has always dreamed of becoming economically independent.  She was the torch-bearer for other vulnerable women.  Ever since they have associated themselves with the Mayukh Traders brand, they do not feel helpless.  They are now confident, economically strong, and independent.    It holds pride and pleasure to Soma Biswas to help other women live their dreams. 

Every woman has the desire to drape themselves with ornaments.  As the gold prices are rocketing high, females are switching to imitation jewelry as the most convenient and safer ornaments.  After studying the market trend and the rising gold rates, she realized that there is an intense prospect for gold-substitute ornaments.  She seized the moment and established her gold-plated jewelry business. She uses high-quality copper as the base of all her pieces of jewelry and coats them with a layer of genuine gold.  Mayukh jewelry is not only durable but also affordable. 

“As I am a woman in the world of Business, I did not know anybody.  Moreover, this kind of Jewelry was on the market for several years.  Other business persons were more popular than me. Initially, it was tough. It took years to make people understand why and how my jewelry is different; unique. Time was a factor.” – said Soma Biswas in a chat with Kenfolios.

Stepping into the business world was intimidating for Soma Biswas since she had no background in trade.  Yet, she proved that her determination was stronger than her fears.  She was aware that she was competing with the pioneers in the jewelry business who had a long-standing presence.  She did not let the strength of her rivals crumble her.  Amidst the challenges, she forged ahead tackling one obstacle at a time.  She worked tirelessly to carve out her business concept.  The investment was a major issue to kick-start her business.  The next road-block was establishing business contacts. 

The most challenging part was to convince the clients to trust in her products.  She knew that she could acquire the customer’s inclination towards her products with trust and uniqueness.   She utilized her USP and represented her products in her unique style. She is inspired by herself and strives to become the guiding light for others.

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