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Suresh Jain – Managing Director, KRAFT Wires & Cables

Around 16 years back, it all started with the small thought of owning a small company, but back in the mind of Suresh Jain, he was more eager in building a brand through which he could make this world a better place & thereby build his business empire. Initially he joined steel business, and with turns of fate, he ended up into electrical component trading, and today he owns a high-tech manufacturing unit with pan India distribution network. While is company’s name is Sankeshwara Industries, the flagship brand is KRAFT cables and wires. Kraft is the key supplier to many private and public projects, and the quality of goods that’s provided for the current pricing is making huge impact on safety aspect while being economical.

Over the years, KRAFT have successfully created a remarkable reputation for the enterprise by establishing unrevealed quality, flexibility and reliability in all its product and service offering. Central to this achievement has been its drive to exceed customer’s expectations. Today, they are an ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certified company, as the business grows to shape new horizons for both its own people and the communities which it serves, the firm remains committed to the philosophy of producing high quality electrical products which comply with the highest international standards, developing mutually beneficial partnership with customers, investing in human capital and maintaining its stance as good corporate citizens.

Suresh is a seasoned businessman with an eye to leave its footprints in Middle Eastern countries by 2025. KRAFT offers the best of quality with 99.7% pure copper along with advanced extra flex PVC for better performance and safety. According to him,

“We are manufacturer of wires & cables, main switch, distribution board, MCB, LED lighting to name a few market leaders of high-end electrical products. And the price segment at which we offer our high-end goods, makes it affordable for the common man that too providing extra care and safety to their loved ones & property.”

Sir Ratan Tata has always been his professional inspiration. His innovation and dedication towards serving the country is simply praise worthy, even at this age. As a premier player in the region’s electrical industry with ambitious growth plans in a competitive market environment, KRAFT have embraced the task of re-branding it externally and internally, in order to prepare for all the future endeavors.

Like any entrepreneur, Suresh too faced his share of hardships in his journey to success. Many competitors tried to stop him initially, by diverting vendors, wrong leads, etc. Initial few years were very stressful due to market situations and competition. The one way to come out of it was not losing hope & staying focused. This phrase of life made him understand that never go low on confidence, trust on the hard work put in & stay focused.

For those who are starting new, Suresh feels that some basic essentials are needed to start one’s own entrepreneurial expedition and they are – knowledge, thorough research, financial support and many materialistic things, and most importantly ‘never give up’ attitude. Staying flexible and hungry to innovate product line to stay unique and relevant in this fierce competitive world is also key to survival. For him, within such professional doldrums, family support remained centroid to everything.

He is happy to be recognized as “The Most Dynamic Entrepreneur in Electrical Manufacturing Industry” By Blindwink India Excellence Awards 2022. And tells all youngsters that this world is full of opportunities, make the best of it, help others and shine yourself.

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