This YouTuber is empowering women through her online teachings of Aari Embroidery

Sobiya Alagumuthu – Founder, KM Arts World

The YouTube channel named KM Arts World took the entire Coimbatore by surprise, when its founder Sobiya started teaching aari embroidery through online classes. The channel with around 46K subscribers has tutorial videos for aari work, normal needle aari work, jewelry making, tailoring, homemade masala preparation and other business tricks and ideas. Even though it was started in early 2021, its popularity among women from Tamil Nadu has spiked overnight.

She has designed various courses which can be availed online by women who wants to be independent and earn their living or have an additional income for her family. A six months course fees is charged at INR 1000, which is affordable and convenient to village women. Since its online, women from other parts of the country as well as overseas candidate joins in to learn aari embroidery. More than 5000 students have enrolled into her class and she is happily obliging them through knowledge sharing of this beautiful embroidery art.

Students after completion of their course from KM Arts World have went on to have a successful career ahead. 500+ students are pursuing their career by showcasing this art form. It gives Sobiya immense pride to learn that she has given means to earn a livelihood to the women of the family. Even single women have enrolled with her. She has given a platform for these rural women to shine, and her noble effort has been duly recognized by many industry bodies over last 1 year.

Currently KM Arts World is running strong with a set of talented teachers. Apart from teaching students, she even fulfills client orders. With the main objective of empowering women, she is wisely using social media to teach her students new skills that will enable them to set up their own businesses.

KM Arts World has been felicitated with special awards such as – All India Women’s achievements award, MTV Digital media award, and Femme Time magazine award. These are something which are prized possession of Sobiya. Apart from this she has bagged – Women’s icon award 2019 (Jacky creation book of world record), Change maker of the year 2021 (I can foundation, Jaipur), Best Art Entrepreneurs 2022 (MTV Digital media), Top10 Asia women entrepreneurs 2022 (Twell media), Best arts and crafts teacher in India (Glaze icon award), Indian inspirational women award (Humanitarian National award), Best arts and crafts teacher (Indian Nobel award), and Tamil achievement women (Madurai Ganaguru foundation).

Through Sobiya’s venture it is clear that using social media intelligently, once can really bring in societal changes and in the process can earn an income out of it. We wish her all the best and hope that the upcoming days glitters with more such awards and recognitions. 

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