Creating “first impression” through designer door panels since a decade for his renowned clients

Arjun Kedia – Director, Ramnath Omkarmal Doors & Panels

At an age of 32, when most of us would have been going through a career transition, Arjun Kedia has successfully established his business and going strong by each passing day. His venture – Ramnath Omkarmal Doors & Panels, was setup in the year 2010 and in last 11 years it has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s his grandfather who was an industrialist and keeps inspiring Arjun to aim higher in this line of business. Growing up in a joint family made Arjun more enterprising, he learned the importance of relationship, spending time with people and groups – this in turn helped him to manage his venture.

Arjun was quick to assess the market and get into the business of doors and panel manufacturing. It has a great demand and hence is running smoothly with consistent orders coming from existing as well as new clients. In fact in Hyderabad, he has made a mark in manufacturing industrial door panels, garage doors & glass panel.

The journey of this young entrepreneur has been a challenging but a rewarding one. Arjun had to start from scratch and build the brand brick by brick through lots of ups and downs. Recollecting this exceptional journey, Arjun says

“Coming from a business joint family, I always wanted to create something other than adding value in the family business. I came across the idea of manufacturing something which adds value to a home/office at first look. Thus, the brand came into being. With support of my family, especially my wife, gradually I have been able to bag big projects and contracts.”

Since, the entrance door creates that “first impression”, Arjun went on to setup his venture that would help businesses and individuals to create that first impression among their circle of friends, families and business partners. In fact, Ramnath Omkarmal Doors & Panels, takes pride in converting picture to product customisation with 99% accuracy in stipulated time. Currently with 70% market share among construction and interior industry, the future is bright as the real estate industry in and around Hyderabad is booming.

Every entrepreneurial journey has to pass through acid test before gaining ground. Arjun too has his share of struggles at the early stage of his setup. He deviated from his family business to start something different, however his family stood behind him like a support system and guided him in making the right decision, even in his new line of business. Further, capital and raw material tie-ups were important during those initial stages as he straightway got into manufacturing.

On asking what makes Arjun unique as an entrepreneur, he beautifully elucidates that

“My understanding of the customer’s exact need rather than selling what is more profitable, makes me stand out from the rest.”

With major clients like King’s Group, Park Hyatt Hotel, HiVision Developers, Karni Developers, KGR Infra and others in the kitty, currently Ramnath Omkarmal covers 25% of the market and in the next 10 years it aims to cover 75% of the interior and architecture market by tying up with and undertaking turn-key projects.

The fact that today’s customers are much evolved with information on their fingertips, it is vital to sync the face value with product quality and service parameter. And since everything is available online, one has to choose a USP that would be a differentiating factor in the market. Being recipient of “Global Business Awards 2021 – Most Promising Construction & Turnkey Projects Company”, Arjun is all excited to take his venture to the next level and is an inspiration to all young aspirants in the world of entrepreneurship.

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