The journey of intellectual excellence through perseverance and dedication – Story of Dr.Chaman Lal Banga

Having an influential personality, an author, professor and doctorate, he hails from District Una, Himachal Pradesh.

His parents belonged to an economically poor background with hardly sustainable money to have the meal of two times. With the dedication towards study, Dr.Banga used to cover miles of distances to reach his school. His diligence and zeal to study never stopped and led his personality to become magnificent and yet rooted to ground.

Facing all odds, Dr.Banga attained post graduate degree from the esteemed college of Himachal Pradesh. With his commitment, he managed to clear the most difficult of all competitive entrance tests like UGC, NET and JRF.

The source of his motivation was to preserve the mesmerizing culture of Himachal Pradesh and to showcase it’s beauty to the whole world. He has been a man of actions, hence to work towards his desires, he started to travel the rural villages of Himachal Pradesh reciting the folklore of the place.

Due to his deep love for the culture and beauty of Himachal Pradesh, Dr.Banga has even written the book named History of Jahar Veer Gugga, which is yet to be published.

The first breakthrough of his life came when Dr.Banga took the position of a lecturer, in which he made sure his students had utmost respect for their culture and become good human beings. As we all say, ‘ Destiny favours the Brave’.

Dr.Banga never shyed away from working hard, which presented him with a string of opportunities and success paved in his path from Lecturer, to Assistant Professor, and then becoming a doctorate with PhD degree. He has been an academic author with almost 21 books as feathers in his cap.

Many of the books have been based on academic writing whereas, some have been completely inspirational for the youth, like Zindagi ki Sachi aur Achi Baatein, wherein he has shared his experiences of life. Through ups and downs, a person who never gives up, eventually emerges as the winner.

With a valuable experience of 14 years, Dr.Banga has been working in the Academic profession, for Academics, through Academics. For the youth of our nation, such professors are the torchbearers for students towards success.

He has been the sole professor who took his culture to heights and has been proudly awarded with the Chanakya Varta Award-2016. This award has proven his Excellence in Academic Teaching.

Dr.Banga has contributed his soul and hardwork in the field of education to provide the students with best of knowledge and opportunities. His remarkable achievements in the education system of India, have been honoured with the felicitation of Education Icon Award in 2020. He genuinely is the Education Icon for today’s generation and has been the pioneer to work towards the youth of the nation, humanity and mankind.

For his sincere efforts towards his field and in appreciation of his dedication towards students, he has been awarded with prestigious awards like the “Humanitarian Excellence Appreciation Award”, “The Yuva Achievers Award” and the “Outstanding Asian Faculty Award”.

The education department of India has been honoured with the presence of such a magnanimous personality with infectious energy, striving for excellence in mankind and then in academic domains.

He is surely an inspiration to our generation, teaching us the importance of hardwork and diligence in every domain of life. And surely, as great leaders say,

“A winner is someone who never gives up.”

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