Creating Unique Things In The Era Of Boredom, This Designer Brings The Most Needed Change

Taking inspiration from the world which is immersed in the aesthetics and cultural aspect, Manikesh Choudhary, continued to carve his way to the oath that would lead him to his dream. What was his dream? His dream was to give the void space a meaning that it has been lacking for a long time.

Dreaming from an early age that he wants to be an architect playing with the concept of art and artistic expression, he turned his dream of turning others’ dream into realization by the culmination of Bhaavya Interiors, which is situated in Ahmedabad.

The main aspect behind this concept was to provide those lifeless lumps with an artistic expression so that they can themselves represent the characteristics that the clients wanted to arrest in those bricks. With having more than 10 years of experience in the field, he tried his hands at numerous architectural planning.

Starting from Corporate Offices, to Residential, from Hospitality and Retail design to fit-out in Ahmedabad, he has found his place that he has been looking for. Taking his degree from JD institutes in the year 2008, he introduced himself to the field as an architect interior as he collaborated with many leading architectural companies.

Now holding the position of directorship of Bhaavya interiors, He has led his team to many renowned projects starting from Hotels to Restaurants, from Private Residences to Offices, and Farmhouses and Institutional across the nation. It does not stop here as he continues to grow with his team.

What Prompted Him To Start His Business?

Starting his business in 2012, when asked why he wanted to launch himself in this field where the competition is huge and a very narrow pass is available for one to succeed, he claimed that it was his dream to top the world with his unique designs. Keeping the goal in his mind that he wants to excel using the medium that he was passionate about, he continued to charge ahead with his notion.

“I love architecture and interior design, this is my passion, and I want to give the best and innovative design and solutions to clients in the market. For that, cause I started my business”

Keeping in mind that the clients deserve the best, he strived to update his views and opinions according to the contemporary era by keeping himself being influenced by the traditional designs, he changed for the better to provide to the requirement of the clients.

The Struggles He Faced:

Keeping in mind that his main goal was to provide the client with innovative ideas by maintaining the quality of the work cost-effectively, he found it tough to deliver the requests. When asked about the USP of the business, Mr. Choudhary only mentioned three things that he wants to concentrate on capturing.

“Quality designs and work; Premium & innovative designs; Reasonable project cost”

Though these three things are what are the foundation of his enterprise, he knows the changes that lay ahead in his path.

“Clients always expect the best designs, materials, and quality workmanship within a cost-effective budget, it is a challenge for designers to provide the best design and work on a limited budget.”

It becomes tough to navigate in a place that is economically constrained. However, they continue to work around that issue to meet the needs of the customers effectively.

Things He Has Learned From The Profession:

10years of the journey has taught him a lot which he continues to incorporate along the way. When asked about the things that this profession helped him to realize, Mr. Chaudhary said only one thing,

“As a professional entrepreneur, I am learning over the few years that so many opportunities are in the market for interior designing, and this business no limit to end in the coming years the opportunities”

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