A Mind With Unique Ideas Carves His Way In The World Of Architecture With His Talent And Passion

Have you ever wondered what turns your home into a house? Have you ever wondered what turns those empty spaces that scream void into a working space where prosperity thrives? The answer lies at the wonder of the hands of those interior designs who have taken the pledge to make your dreams their own.

They own your dreams so that they can paint the empty spaces with the color of your imagination. It is one of the respected tasks that give your home your personality. That is what AR. UMESH SHARMA does. Owning the dreams of others, pledging to turn their dreams come into realization through his sheer will and effort is something that very few have the heart to do.

Being one of that rare gem of a person in the field of architecture, Ar. Sharma started his journey. Knowing full well how important the living space is and how crucial it is to be filled with an aura that emits positivity and mirrors the personality of the owner, Mr. Sharma initiated his firm, THE DESIGN STUDIO, at a young age.

Completing his degree in architecture from Kurukshetra University, the young architect realized the importance of filling up the void using aesthetics in the bourgeois space. This realization landed him with National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020  for Most promising and leading Architecture Firm of the Year 2020 and received his first-ever 30 under 50 Best Architects of India 2020.

What His Business Is All About:

Starting its journey in the year 2010, The Design Studio seeks to establish a niche in the marketplace where most of the importance will be given to aesthetics. Roped in almost six national projects and two international projects in New Zealand and Australia, Mr. Sharma’s organization has left a mark on the psyche of the clients.

“The Design Studio has carved a niche for itself within a short period by designing and delivering state of the art township, residential projects, commercial complexes, resorts, hotels, schools, etc. The Design Studio is working currently on projects across 6 Indians. states and 2 International Projects in Australia & New Zealand”

With this thought process in mind, the Design Studio continues to leave the impression that its creator intended to leave.

The Struggles He Faced:

Having come from a middle-class family where Mr. Sharma had no architectural background or help getting introduced to the field of architecture was a problem. After getting the foothold that he wanted in the market, his second issue arose with not finding the right project. He was worried whether the views he has would align with the views of the client. One of the challenges that he faced in his initial career was the alignment of ideas so that the concepts can get approved.

Knowing the importance of ‘being on the same page’, Mr. Sharma did everything he could in his power to keep himself updated on the recent usage of technical gadgets in architectural fields, the emerging aesthetic concepts. He had to incorporate all these findings in a cost-effective way to meet the desires of the client in a short period.

“Keeping up with the various evolving software and technologies to enhance working methodology along with time-saving techniques. My first project helped me to understand that the client budget is a very important aspect of Interior Design and Architecture. My initial times have helped in shaping my vision and working patterns”

Advice For The Young Generation:

Knowing the importance of having the patience to thrive in the field of architecture, Mr. Sharma has only one piece of advice that he wants to pass on.

“Work hard to do the best design work, but service your clients with the same enthusiasm and dedication.  The service you provide, in most cases, outweighs the design you create. Focus on a particular type of work. But most of all: be patient!”

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