Curating Personalised Spaces Through Artistic and Technical Expertise

Ar. Sukhada Gawankar – Principal Architect, StudioSGA

It all started at a very early age, when Sukhada discovered her uncle’s ‘Architect Handbook’ at her home’s attic and was fascinated with the sketches and drawings within it. Geometric shapes, sketches and paintings always intrigued her. The picturesque town of Vengurla, along coastal Maharashtra, where she grew up also inspires her creativity. After completion of her degree from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and gaining first-hand experience in several live projects on Architectural and Interiors, Sukhada jumped into the bandwagon of entrepreneurial expedition. Coming from a business family, opening up her own venture was always in the back of her mind and that’s how StudioSGA took up its shape in 2016, and since then there’s no looking back. With happy customers and satisfied clientele, StudioSGA is sailing through smoothly under the able guidance of Ar. Sukhada Gawankar.

Last 4-5 years has been phenomenal for StudioSGA with their specialization in the field of Architecture, Interiors for both Residential and Commercial. With a strong team comprising of experienced architects, structural designers, draftsmen and outsourced vendors, Sukhada’s StudioSGA has successfully completed 23 projects and now venturing into few luxury interior assignments. Being passionate about architecture and designing, Sukhada feels,

“Architectural field has a lot to offer to the society. Apart from designing personal spaces for clients as per their lifestyle, we create employment opportunities for many craftsmen which acts as a social responsibility for us.”

Over the years in this field, Sukhada understands in churning out happy customers. Hence, every time she takes up a new project, she makes sure an impeccable output is delivered which starts with understanding her client’s requirement, their lifestyle and taste, budget and delivery timeline. With a synchronised effort of all these elements, she delivers quality outcome despite all professional challenges. And that’s probably her success mantra.

Industry stalwarts like BV Doshi, Kamu Iyer, and Hafeez Contractor has always been an inspiration to Sukhada. Further, the dynamic works of Ar Sanjay Puri and Ar Krupa Zubin enthuse her professionally. Her family has always been supportive since the inception of StudioSGA, and being from a business family it didn’t pose any hindrance to her entrepreneurship journey. Besides being a successful architect, she loves imparting her knowledge and experience to the young minds from various educational institutes.

In this highly competitive market, where many projects are bagged through pure references, having happy customers is the key to success. Understanding the client and his requirements is very essential in this line of business. Listening patiently and executing seamlessly holds vital in delivering class. To all the young aspirants in the entrepreneurial world of architecture, Sukhada advices to stick to the basics and remain abreast with the latest tools and techniques in design and architectural space. She also believes that there’s no alternative to hard work. Keeping those creative cells intact can help one grow in this field which has immense opportunity to offer.

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