Friends In Need Are Friends Indeed – His Story Of Success Proves It

Viresh JV, 32 years old, started his journey in 2018, now runs a company that has a 45 lakh turnover.

A little confused, Mr Viresh JV, after completing his, searched for an IT job in Salesforce Cloud comp and did his certifications in Salesforce CRM (401).

He was selected for a few Startup Companies but seemed to be unsatisfied in the course. His passion for being an entrepreneur was burning as he always wanted to start his own business.

At that point, although it seemed to be very difficult because of investment issues, a Friend/Brother and a mentor for him, Mr Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy Garu allowed him to learn about interiors. Mr Viresh JV, an Ice cream store manager, found some scope to learn interiors by opening new stores. “I felt interested in the field and started learning things like Project management and Interiors for both residential and commercials,” says Viresh. From that time onwards, he did Architecture & managed ice cream stores simultaneously. 

Journey To Success

To him, it all seemed very difficult during the initial days of his entrepreneurship to influence people. But after gaining a little knowledge, he thoroughly started enjoying the process of work.

Over the years, his brand has become paramount in delivering value-added, interior and architectural design and execution projects for the profile of commercial, residential, Office spaces, Restaurant Clients. They are also approaching the infrastructure and technical capabilities to undertake project management consulting for their clients. In these two years, Viresh JV is convinced that skilled Workmanship and the finest material create work and living space that enhance life quality.

Although success hit him quite early, dealing with people has been the most difficult matter. And the only solution to him is to keep on learning new things patiently and hold onto hope. In terms of struggle in building this company, he felt a lack of support; “it is a daily huddle for us, our mindset is the only option.”

 “My mother is one strong woman Mrs Late Rajani garu, who taught me to be during difficult days; she is the only inspiration I have, always used to say keep doing your success will come.”

He has been planning to launch a factory with all standards to give service to the clients throughout his life and his life after investing in interior designs. Hence, today he is content with the outcome of his business.

As he mentions, “wanting to be an entrepreneur is my strongest desire”, he further clarifies that it all would have been impossible without his mentor and teacher, Mr Prabakar garu (Architect), as his Professionally idol.

For those starting on this adventure, Mr Viresh JV advises them to – “Plan and vision are two major parts, keep on working hard, opportunities will be automatic, be less reactive, be polite, patience.” It is the same mantra that he used in life, we believe.

“As being an entrepreneur, I learn every day, and step is a new beginning, be fresh and enthusiastic.”

However, lastly, he wants to thank his parents and God for giving him such an opportunity and thank Mr Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy garu, his wife Anjali, his team.

Besides them, a few people: PVS Kiran, B. Tharak Reddy encouraged him, Mr Madhu Kiran Reddy Garu, being the friend he is, made him believe that there is still more he should achieve and made him stronger during difficult times. There’s Srinivas sir, Vasavi garu and Mr Praveen (team Meeraque ) are also a few people who stood by him and still are, and from his heart, he is thankful to all.

If you’re inspired with this story, do share it with your friends and family & be their fountain of positivity! Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with us in the comment section; we care for all of you!

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