Dedication, Honesty, And Hard Work Helped Prof. Tina Jose Establish The Foundation For The Young Minds In The Rural Area

Who are the pillars of this country? From whom does the future of the nation lay? The responsibility to take the country to greatness lies on the shoulder of children and only through effective education will they be able to create a foundation for this motherland. No kid should be left illiterate.

Understanding how crucial it is to build a foundation for children so that the future of the country can be beautiful and assuring, one assistant professor took up the initiation to teach in a rural area. Professor Tina Jose, the assistant professor of the English department in St. Stephen’s College in Uzhavoor, took the initiative to teach the young children with a humanistic approach that will not only help them find what was needed but also helped them to be eligible to become the future of this country.

“I am an Assistant Professor of English. I teach in a rural college and I love my job because I can reach out to a section of the community that needs my skills and resources.”

She found it in herself what was needed to finally fill the gap that lay between the lack of initiation taken by people to teach the young children and the lack of development to provide education in the rural area. Her philanthropist nature prompted her to take the job in the rural area.

“It drives me to go forward to follow my goals and inspire my young followers to follow their dreams.”

The job that she is loving so far, is helping other kids to finally reach the point they deserve to reach stability. With her passion and teaching methods, she wants to instil passion and inspiration into the young minds so that they can take charge of clearing out all the unnecessities that lay in the path of achieving their dreams.

Her inspiration:

A person would not be able to reach the heights of success without a foundation to back them up. Ms Jose was not alone in this race to bring about an educational revolution. Being inspired by her mother, who kept pushing her to give her best in the face of despair, Professor Tina Jose achieved her dreams. Drawing inspiration from her mother, who kept fighting in difficult times, who kept pushing forward, she got the power and encouragement she needed to keep pushing too.

“I believe it is my mother because I have seen her survive many hardships and difficulties and remain dedicated to her goals.”

Seeing her mother facing difficulties and easily coming out of them, helped her to take up each difficulty with confidence.

“It has helped me come this far and achieve many of my objectives.”

The struggles she faced:

Overcoming the odds in the rural area which is yet to develop was one of the hardest challenges she faced. A professor has to create notes and prepare lectures. However, lack of technical assistance was a drawback in the rural area.

“Not everything that is available online is what I found. Sometimes you need to approach people to get the information you require.”

It was a major issue that created the roadblock to achieving the type of effect she wanted to create on the psyche of the students.

“Professionally my difficulties were not knowing how to do things and not being able to access the information I needed at the right time.”

But believing in her talent and knowledge that she acquired through her study, she enriched her lectures with everything she got.

“Once you get the job, you need to prepare every single day for class, contrary to popular notion. This requires background reading and preparation.”

Advice to young minds:

When asked about what advice she would like to impart, she commented,

“Don’t try to imitate someone else just because you want to show off or you admire that person. Be yourself always.”

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