One Enterprise, Four Co-owners Bringing Out The Best In The Soulless Creation With Their Knowledge, Passion, And Will

Directors from Left to Right- Nishant Sharma, Palkin Sharma, Himanshu Chhetri and Basil Sunny

Have you ever wondered what the elements that go into the formulation of an architectural piece are? It is the knowledge about the creation of the past and the ascension of the new designs; it is the technical assistance that sustains the design to see the foreseeable future, it is the good leadership with the charm to assimilate and work with the clients and most important of all, the imagination to portray the client’s design into the walls are what gives the pieces of architecture an expression that stops them from turning lifeless.

In other words, these events are necessary, without which no house will turn into a home. Understanding the importance of this, four budding entrepreneurs from Delhi, Palkin Sharma, who is a creative head, Nishant Sharma, who looks over the Client servicing Head, Basil Sunny, who is the Production Head and Himanshu Chhetri, the business Development Head, has created an enterprise, Ritzy Route Pvt Ltd that provides an all rounding interior designing service to the clients.

The assimilated group of four, which overlooks a different section, comes together to provide others’ dreams come into a concrete realization. By taking one section and one event each, or by incorporating their particular skill in the enterprise, they have completed the puzzle, which is presented as a whole. Opening their enterprise in just 2018, the company’s four co-owners have increased its turnover to 3crore with only two things.

Conceptualization (New Concepts) And Best Space Utilization.”

With their vision to establish spaces that are trendy but have a hint of history, fabulously classy and most importantly budget-friendly, they have started taking up projects pan India. With their will to take their work to an international platform, they wish to be acknowledged for their work, creativity, and realization of their imagination globally.

The encouragement that initiated the enterprise:

With four co-owners who have mastered four different fields, what is a better way to utilize them than coming together and creating something as a united front? By using their knowledge and experience, skills, and abilities, they have created a space where each voice can be heard, where they wish to create a reflection of the clients’ personalities that will come true.

“The major reason for starting up our own business was to put together our experience and expertise and to create something that can be helpful for people.”

Knowing that it is in the workplace and in the home that one most sounds their time, it should recreate an aura that emits positivity and affection.

“Our personal and workspace play a major role in our lives. After all, that’s where we spend most of our time. So why not to turn your spaces into a dream come true to type.”

This shared perception of theirs directed them to open their enterprise. Now, two years later, even after suffering from a pandemic, they have come forward with a unified semblance that serves for the betterment of society.

“Our designs/concepts and production skills are the best; therefore, we wanted to form a company together and serve society with it.”

Advice to the next generation:

By overcoming many crusades that lay in the path to their success, Ritzy Route Pvt Ltd’s co-owners overcame many issues through their contemporary modes of operation and maintenance of the service they provided. One of the struggles was the lack of knowledge of the client’s part of the interior design services’ affordability.

In order to overcome this hurdle, they started educating the clients about their experiences and promoting their affordable options. Their understanding and ability to overcome issues like this helps them stay afloat in the interior designing industry, even in a pandemic. When asked about what words of wisdom they would like to impart, they suggested only an effective one.

“Believe in what you want to do and keep improving yourself.”

With passion in one’s heart and by adapting to the needs of the client, they believe that anyone can flourish in this industry.

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