Despite Family’s Disbelief, He Proved Himself Worthy Of His Craft

K. Afzal Hussain, the self-made entrepreneur of Himalaya Iron Mart, Ballari. As he started the business in the beginning, he did not know it would become this huge. But in 2016, within a 4-years of timespan, the way he outdid himself as a businessman, is remarkable. Mr Hussain had tried his luck in several fields before he actually achieved this position. Fields as in, mobile repair business & transportation business. He got into mobile repairing when he was just 15 years old. Then after a few years of working, he shifted to transportation.

His Inspiring Journey:

He had to change his way of earning so many times because of the vast negativity he received. He had to do it all by himself, had studied & managed his business at the same time. But the destiny was not in his favour back then as he got ill-treatment from the partners he had worked with. Everyone around him was making him feel bad about himself, and it quite hit him hard. After that incident, he took such a drastic step, which happens to be the game-changing point of his life, he decided to not engage with any partners anymore and did it all by himself.

Soon after he started making progress, his family became a strange place for him. Their disbelief and doubting his worth was something he was not ready for. But this time life & experiences made him stronger to deal with these issues. As he expresses, “By the grace of Allah, my Peeromurshid and my Parents and my Mentor Dr.Shaheeda, I am proving everyone my Success.” Throughout his life, he has idolised Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, and his work drew inspiration from his words.  As he always wanted to have a stable business, he got into this business of Iron Mart. It became huge for him, and he could not be any happier.

His Success Mantra:

As he expresses himself to us, we understand the mantra of his life, which is understanding his clients & providing every required item, has carried him so further in this journey. He is a sincere man with pure intentions; thus, his honesty reflects through his work. He also mentioned a quote that gives him guidance and truth in life.

“Earn while you learn”- K. Afzal Hussain

His story is a true story of never giving up and achieving respect in life. He has outdone himself in such a great way that his family members and the people who once disgraced him now hesitate to make a statement. We wish him the best of the wishes for his journey ahead, and may he keep on shining the way he does now.

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