An Inspirational Figure For Women, She Is The Most Promising Professor Karnataka Has Ever Had

Dr Shaheeda, Professor, DMS, BITM, Ballari, Karnataka is an accomplished Professor in Management Marketing, with more than a decade of experience. She has sheer knowledge and efficiency in teaching undergraduate and graduate students. That includes “BBM, B.Com B.Sc in fashion technology, B.E and Postgraduate Viz., MBA and M.Com courses in an eclectic range of business specializations with module-based curriculum”. She is very popular among her students for delivering unique lectures with a perfect blend of corporate examples & case method of teaching.

She has earned a Doctorate for her contribution to Marketing & hold ( Master’s in Business Administration, M.Com, and Philosophy from the Govt. Of India. She was also awarded as “Distinguish Teacher in Management, Best Educationist award by International Business Council, Fellowship award from MTC Global. Certified Fellow Member of Indian Society of Business Management, Member of MTC Global”. Her published articles are world-renowned, they have featured in some of the topmost journals. She has extensive teaching and research experience.

By reading all of her achievements, you can tell she is a very very intelligent woman who knows her area of expertise and has been doing the same amount of labour for her students for a very long time. For her successful journey, she mentioned her father as her inspiration for all her endeavours. She has chosen teaching as a profession because it is an honourable profession and she loves it as well. Also, she has been recently nominated by Blendwik of people for being the most promising professor in management in Karnataka. She is a true believer in setting a goal and working hard towards making it happen.

“Grind in the ’20s, Build in ’30s, and Chill in 40s”- Dr Shaheeda

This woman & her story is nothing short of impeccable, and we are privileged for covering and conveying her message to the youth and the students of our country. As she is quite popular already in Karnataka, she is a kind of persona who should be known to other regions and other students in India. We wish her the best and greatness to achieve in life further. Her contribution should be remembered in the field of education.

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