EDGE Interiors and Engineering — an Interior Design Company

A Civil engineer specially trained in the field of Interior Design since 2015, Taraka Rama Naidu is the Founder & CEO of EDGE Interiors and Engineering ( Founded in 2015, EDGE Interiors and Engineering have a turnover of Rs. 1.5 crores and the business is running extremely well. The company falls under the top 5 companies in the industry and its future goal is to expand throughout India.

The company works as a complete Interior Design Concepts contractor and the essentials required to start the company was a showroom to be able to display products for the customers.

The company’s motto is simple — it aims to do everything in its power to satisfy its customers.

The company has won several awards like the Indian Most Prominent Business Leadership Awards in 2017, India Most Prominent Architect & Designer Award in 2018, World Signature Awards in 2019, and the India Excellence Awards in 2022.

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