Providing Credit Rectification Services for Individual as well as Companies across India

Apurva Bhagat – Founder, Apoorvaa Foundation

Apurva Bhagat figured out that arranging funds is a need of any business; it might be for inventory, marketing, expanding business, or improving cash flow and so on, which poses a major problematic area for many SMEs in the country. This encouraged him to start finance and legal consultancy which would address fund issues and thus Apoorvaa Foundation was formed. Since then, it is resolving issues related to credit report and credit score for individuals and commercial credit report and CIBIL Rank for companies. Something which he started at the age of 20 has now grown as the pioneer in its segment.

Apurva is an IIM alumnus and a lawyer, having a vast experience of 21 years in the field of finance, taxation, project financing, and retail sector loan. Over the years, he has built the expertise in credit analysis. As a founder and president of Apoorvaa Foundation, the first credit rectification organization in India, he aims to build a credit healthy nation. For which he is working passionately. Besides, he is successfully managing 108 branches of his venture across 90 cities in 21 states at a PAN India level. An advocate of knowledge sharing, he is known to be an accomplished trainer and speaker, and conduct bank seminars. Till date, he has conducted 600+ bank seminars on credit awareness. He also has fulfilled a responsibility as an editor for a MUDRA COMPASS – Whistle Blower Magazine, and recently has penned down his maiden book named “The Indian Credit Reporting System” and “Improve Your Credit Health”. Besides, he is also a columnist in Divya Bhaskar newspaper.

According to Apurva,

“We provide Credit Rectification Services for Individual as well as Company, we are into the business of creating a positive impact on society in many ways where our business helps banks to address their NPS issues, individuals become credit healthy to be eligible for new loans or credit, and MSMEs can expand their business through financial extensions.”

He is also of the opinion that the future for this business will be brighter as no one is going to close the bank and no one is going to stop availing loans or credit cards. Infact going ahead the demand will increase. Currently the check point for creditworthiness is based on credit report, credit score and credit history, so there will be huge demand for credit repair services in the coming days.

To this new age entrepreneur, Tony Robinson is considered as a professional inspiration. Besides, the initial struggles and hardships that was faced in the childhood has also moulded Apurva as a strong and passionate character which later one gave the business acumen to excel. He feels that becoming an entrepreneur is not a cake walk hence naturally it had all the challenges but at the same time that has provided him certain lessons to learn to lead it from the front. His financial crisis in childhood geared him to understand the importance of finances and that made him enter the finance industry.

Being an entrepreneur is a roller-coaster ride, and to all new comes he tells, not to stop learning and never stop chasing your dreams. Whatever work you do, love it and take responsibility for the same. Even though his efforts are recognized and duly awarded by several industrial bodies, to him, there’s nothing bigger than a client testimonial about their delighted experience with his service. Although there’s a list of awards that he has received, the latest ones in 2021 are – GTF Business Excellence Conclave 2021 Award for Best Unique Business, the 2021 Global Choice Awards for Most Promising Credit Rectification Service Provider in India, and      Global Startup Summit & Awards 2021 for Excellent Customer Service in Credit Rectification. We hope the coming years to bring him loads of such recognitions and awards.

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