Faith, hard work and good intentions are always fruitful and lead to a good karma and good life

Faith, hard work and good intentions are always fruitful and lead to a good karma and good life. This is the belief that Sakhiri founder Anveeksha Jain has always lived by and practiced. Born and brought up in a family of academicians in the small town of Prayagraj (Then Allahabad), Anveeksha always wanted to carve a niche for herself. 

While growing up in the city, Art, Culture and Literature deeply impacted her and she feels till date these are her sanity anchors. The city also instilled in her a sense of community, loyalty and solidarity, values and emotions which eventually led her to establish Sakhiri NGO, which vows to help Women and Children in need.

After her studies from the prestigious Institutions like Delhi University and FORE School of Management Anveeksha went on to work with huge MNC’s like British Airways, Air Canada and many more. She scaled professional heights and has been a well-respected and established organisational strategist/ trainer/ psychologist/ Mediator over the years.  But even with all these there was something she always felt was missing. While working with/in organisations she realised that the most important aspect of work-life balance and productivity was a robust mental health. However this was not widely spoken about and swept under the carpet. She started to actively talk of mental health in all her strategy consultations/ trainings to create an awareness. She had also realised by then that sometimes a counselling room can actually intimidate people and they are not able to speak their heart out. This led to the establishment one of its kind therapeutic services “CoffeeConversations”. This platform uses the non-traditional forms of therapy to destigmatise the whole experience.

Sometimes opportunities and realisations come knocking in strange ways. When Anveeksha had the opportunity to contest Vidhan Sabha elections in Delhi from a national party, she had a chance to realise the hardships and ground-realities of that life throws at a large population not in privileged positions. This was the instant reminder for what she had been wanting to do all along, Give back to the society in a meaningful way. Sakhiri NGO was a positive outcome of this thought and it has been working tirelessly for making the life of women and children better by providing financial, legal, educational and vocational support to them.  Create changes and opportunities you want to see, says Anveeksha.

“The elections were an eye-opener and reminded me that humanity should supersede everything, hence this NGO was created”. 

Both organisations are laying the foundation stones in the crusades for mental health and social equality that is why we are proud to recognise Anveeksha Jain as the best Mental Health and Social Activist. 

An eternal student Anveeksha believes in taking up any challenge that is thrown in her way and even if there is fall, will always rise up because she believes that each new day brings with itself new beginnings.

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