Following The Footsteps Of Her Parents, Dr Zahra Has Created A Legacy Where The Dreams Of Her Parents Continue To Live

To live up to her family’s wishes, to live up to her dreams, to love up to the legacy that her parents have given her the right to proceed with, is nothing but a heavy burden to bear. But it has been said that when the intentions are good, the path becomes clearer than ever.

With her heart set on helping the needy families, and with the support of her parents, Dr Kaenat Zahra kept walking until she reached her goal of meeting the desires of her parents. Hailing from families that bear the genes of a doctor, she got influenced to be working as a social worker, as a link that will help establish health care in the place where it was needed the most.

After the completion of MS in obstetrics and gynaecology from CSJMU, she emphasizes more on the establishment of a system that would make way for the underprivileged. Currently a part of the IMRI or Imdad Medicare Research Institute, she has launched herself on a journey to reach where many do not prefer to reach. By working in IMRI for five years, she has established a place where those who are in need of a doctor can reach out to her.

“My parents who themselves are doctors showed a lot of dedication care and empathy towards the underprivileged to help and treat them in the best possible way they could inspire me to become a doctor”

The essence behind her profession:

Being influenced heavily by her parents, Dr Zahra continues to walk a path that resuscitates the philanthropic legacy. Her ideology was moulded to assist the people in need. Knowing how important it is to incorporate empathy, dedication, and care towards tending the patents, she has invested all of her passion in this field to stand by the people.

The institution, IMRI, seeks to serve the poor and the underprivileged in the time of need and being a part of the organization that seeks to establish a health care system especially for them. Recognizing the gap that lay between the lack of initiation taken by the authority as many fail to receive even the necessary medical help, and those who required it the most was what influenced her to take charge in this endeavour.

“21 years back there was no medical help for the poor and BPL patients so my parents decided to set up a hospital to serve the society”

Her experience encouraged her to take charge and keep on moving in the journey where the main aspect would be to help them get the treatment they need. It was the essence of the prospect upon which she continues to rebuild the legacy of her parents through and through.

The encouragement she received:

Hailing from the family of doctors, she knew the values of empathy, care, and attention in the field of medicine. Through her knowledge and experience, she wanted to infer what she saw through her parents. By always putting her patients first and the entrepreneurial angle away from the institution, she continues to excel as a person and as a doctor.

“To treat the patient first then think about generating business”

By seeing her parents, Late Dr Mozaffar Eqbal and Dr Razia Shaheen who worked day and night endlessly to serve those in need, she got the inspiration she needed to keep going in this self-rewarding path.

Advice to aspiring doctors:

Knowing the significance of how a doctor should be, and how diligent a person has to be to flourish in this stream, the only advice she parted with was

“Just follow your heart, do your work compassionately, love your profession, and work hard with honesty. It will definitely pay you”

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