From Planning To Executing, A Man Changes The Concept Of Education With His Unique Tactics And Strategic Output

Where would the world be without educators? Where would the world be without the mentors? Where would the world be without those who have the heart to take a route that can make a change in this tough world?

The world is a place where initiations are taken, executed in a strategic way to give rise to phenomena that will yield extraordinary results. Understanding the importance of an educator, and how education is a crucial agent in turning the future of this country positively, DR. PRASHANTH SRINIVASA MURTHY set out to create a space where talent was given more credit.

The most important aspect of his initiation was providing the potential students with the power so that they could mold it themselves. The holder of many degrees, including MBA and Ph.D., Dr. Murthy , Director of Pragathi PU College & Degree College.

Believing in providing a safe and stress-free educational environment, the significance of his institution lies in creating a climate that encourages these candidates to take the less-traveled route with nothing but confidence and fiery will.

Having the power to plan the academic year where the curriculum, mentor-mentee, and child development planning along with motivational planning, are done by him,  given him white the authority to turn the tables of conventional methods of education, so that he can usher the new in.

“I am a strong believer of stress-free education and have implemented stress-free learning – sfl concept to students which include experiential learning, digital learning, practical approach concept learning, seminars, etc.”

The incorporation of these methods not only has created a system where a drastic change has been noted but created an atmosphere that inspired the students to change themselves for good. In other words, a dynamic change has been recorded which not only boosted the performance of the student but the overall performance of the I institute as well.

The essence of his institute:

Believing that through the development of the students, the restoration of the country can be achieved, Dr. Murthy has initiated a system that encourages the students to participate in an educational paradigm that will add value to the countries all over development. As the students are the pillar of these you try, the future of this motherland, Dr. Murthy provides quality learning in their PU college and Degree College.

The amalgamation of conventional, as well as modern approach, has retained the roots of the Indian educational system meanwhile brought in the new that is essential in this era. The incorporation of public speaking, building proficiency, computer skills, sharpening their skills of recognizing business opportunities along with sales, marketing and idea conceptualization are some of the important things that make them read for the time that awaits them. 

“Not only that, it has boosted and boosted students to exhibit dynamic characteristics where they will be a valuable addition to India and its overall development.”

The inspiration behind his success:

It has been said that behind the success of each man is a helping hand of a woman who supported him. This couldn’t be any truer in the case of Dr. Murthy, as he has three helping hands supporting him. When asked about who encouraged him, provided him with the inspiration, he replied that it was his wife and her ‘can-do’ attitude that made him believe that he can achieve his dream. His two sisters work as a professional and personal support system that helps him keep going through the Rocky Road.

“The iron lady behind me is my loving wife Asha, who is a dynamic lady with a strong can-do attitude, driving me in all aspects. my sisters pushpalatha and rupa are my two twin engines who constantly help and support me.”

Apart from them, Mr. Som Singh KN, Founder, Chairman, Chief Mentor Of Pragathi School, Pragathi PU College & Pragathi Degree College also helped him in impeccable ways. His hard work resulted in him getting awards like the Best Director Of The Year Award By IEA 2020 And Distinguished Leadership Award by IESA 2020 etc.

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