From Struggling To Expanding Their Empire Worth Of 180 Crore, Two Gentleman Have Laid Down The Foundation For Success

It takes courage to traverse a less travelled path; it takes effort and cares to help a flower bloom; it takes patience to witness success after going through ups and downs.

Satish Kumar Baratam & Debajit Chattopadhyay’s entrepreneurial journey was neither easy nor a huge victory initially, but they have finally tasted the sweet dew of their due achievement by facing adversity.

Starting their enterprise, First Choice Ready Mix, in the year 2014, both proved one thing to the contemporary generation feeding on a long conventional thought-process that one has to achieve everything by their late-twenties, is that age doesn’t matter when it comes to laying the foundation for one’s career. What matters is the concept and the entrepreneurial spirit to rise in the competitive world.

Having a professional civil engineering degree to validate their knowledge in the realm of construction and the experience gathered by working in companies like Larsen and Turbo, they took the forefront to drive and expand their ready mix business of L&T that Lafarge took over.

Being inspired by them and after recognising the gap between the country’s infrastructural growth and the lack of initiatives to supply the needed resources by major companies, they jumped towards the opportunity to seize the moment. And guess what? Five years later, they continue to flourish against all odds.

“Infrastructural growth in the country and the limited expansions by the major companies drove us to get into the ready-mix business, and within five years, we have expanded ourselves to 6 cities in India.”

The essence of the First Choice Ready Mix:

Starting their business in 2014, they have turned into a key player in the construction industry by providing the clients with a solution of ready mixed concrete. By focusing on the clients’ satisfaction, they have managed to occupy the industry by leaving an impression that will continue to stay.

“Our focus is on customer delight, and this focus has helped us to grow our footprints.”

Focusing on providing the best of the best solutions to the building sector, they claim that their emphasis on people, quality, and service has helped them improve their business.

Their hard work culminated into a result that can be seen in the form of awards such as Best RMC manufacturing company 2019 by Business mint, Fastest growing brand 2019-2020 by Asia one magazine, Fastest growing leader 2019 -2020 by Asia one magazine(For both Satish and Debajit) along with Times leading icon 2021 for Emerging brand in ready mix concrete.

Advice to the young generation:

Struggle makes success taste sweeter. When asked about what they thought was most challenging, they said, though every day is a challenge in itself, those initial days of work were the toughest.

Due to the market not being considerate towards accepting the ready mix concrete concept, they found it rather tricky. However, the team’s efforts and the encouragement they received from those around them helped them believe that they can make it.

And indeed they did. With others’ hard work, the First Choice Ready Mix team emerged victorious, having a present turnover of 180 crores. Those who have tasted both turmoil and prosperity leave one piece of advice for the coming generation.

“Anyone who wants to start up should always believe in themselves success will follow through.”

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